Need a laugh? {toddler mayhem story}

Upon exiting my Bikram class and entering my SUV I noticed something funny about my car. My dashboard lights disappeared when I turned my headlights on. Strange right? My apparent options were: A.) Drive with no lights and see my speedometer OR option B.) Drive with lights and tell the officer pulling me over for speeding that my speedometer is invisible{I can visualize the officer handing me a ticket without even an inkling of a smirk}.

So, I am driving down the road flicking my lights on and off to sporadically see my speedometer{appearing like a lunatic to the other drivers beside me} when it dawns on me. My three year old was helping my husband clean out the car! And there it was an obscure dimmer switch to the left of my steering wheel turned completely down. That smiling little angel got me! Good one son:)

Happy Sunday Lovas!


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