TacoLu Baja Mexicana {Jax Beach Eat}

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Open your minds and stomachs to TacoLu located in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Sunshine and tacos as it happens are a fabulous mix. Complimentary valet parking is just the beginning of your experience at TacoLu. Step inside to a world filled with fluorescent skulls, tequila-lined windows with matching chandeliers, and a rustic ambiance courtesy of the elderly building. Tacos anyone?

TacoLu has tacos, but not the Taco Bell kind most Americans expect. The TacoLu menu centers around a taco bar of sorts where you can mix and match from a list of unusual sounding tacos. My husband and I had two stand-out tacos: carne asada and the cheeseburger. Holy taste buds...these unusual tacos are delicious! The cheeseburger taco had{as you might expect} tomato, lettuce, onion, mustard, ketchup, and pickles on top. It tasted just let a burger, but it's a taco{crazy man}. Most of the food items at TacoLu are handmade on location throughout the day for guaranteed fresh foodie fare.

 Look at these fine gentlemen:) Do yourself a favor and stop by TacoLu for lunch, dinner, or both while visiting Jax Beach! See you guys real soon;-)


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