Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: A Kitchen Cabinet Makeover {DIY}

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Please note that Annie Sloan has US carriers for her Chalk Paint! You do not need to buy from her overseas. Use Google OR Annie's website to search your local area!;-)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can work miracles inside and out. I am going to give you tips and a vlog tour of my kitchen that will give you that extra confidence boost to get it done! How do you paint your kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? First pick your color here. The combinations are endless! You can stick with one color or layer different colors. Then you should consider whether you want that aged look with the dark wax! It took about three coats of chalk paint to completely and solidly cover my cabinets. I then used clear wax to seal with two to three coats. I finished with dark wax to give it that aged look and it also happens to hide dirt impeccably! After choosing your color please wash the dirt off your cabinets. A clean surface makes for a happy painted surface:)

If you have never used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint before here is what you need to know. 1.) You need to thin it out occasionally with water while you are working with it{Did you add too much water? Just let it sit and it will thicken up again}. 2.) Annie Sloan Chalk Paint should never be difficult to use. If it is becoming hard to paint with just add a little water. 3.) Use a separate container when painting and do not add water to the can{OR mold will ensue}. 4.) The paint stretches far! Two quarts of Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint covered all my cabinets! 5.) Seal up your chalk paint can well when finished. Nothing is sadder than having a project with dried up chalk paint:(

Ready to paint? Open the lid and give it a stir. When you first open the chalk paint the consistency is usually spot on. Pour your chalk paint into a separate container. Annie Sloan recommends a stiff brush and she also has a wax brush. Buy the wax brush. For your first layer keep it thin and cover the area. It does not have to be pretty, but keep your brush strokes even and going in the same direction. You will see brush strokes so just continue until you have the coverage you want!

Clear before dark wax. After your paint is dry you can take your wax brush or a clean cloth and rub a thin layer of wax into your piece. Can you use a different wax? NO! Annie Sloan is a system so use it together. Let the wax dry 12 to 24 hours in between coats. How can you tell when there is enough wax on your piece? You can buff it to a shine...period. Less wax is better than too much, err on the side of caution. Dark wax side note: A teeny bit of dark wax goes a long way, but if you use too much do no fret! The clear wax will remove any excess:)

Napoleonic Blue: Mystery Solved!
Napoleonic Blue is alive and well! It was back-logged for awhile and that is why I thought it had disappeared from the line up. The Truth: Napoleonic Blue is here to Stay! Thank you Celeste at Sweet Clover and On a Whim.

FAQs about Annie Sloan Chalk Painted cabinets

How many cans of paint did you use? Submitted by ljuleeahl
Response: I barely finished with two cans. I used two to three coats per surface. I bought a third can for touch-ups. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint really goes a long way!

Can you scrub them without the paint coming off? I'm wanting to do a shade of white which shows all the grease splatters and such. Expect though too that the wax would make for a decent barrier. Submitted by Snookoed.
Response: If you wax your cabinets well with 2 to 3 thin layers of clear wax washing your cabinets is of no worry. You should keep them clean and dry. Natural cleaners work well for clean up. Never use harsh cleaners! They will strip the wax quickly and you will find yourself re-applying wax more frequently. I use warm water with 1 to 2 drops of lavender. essential oil.

Would it be possible to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for laminate kitchen cabinets? How do you clean the brushes or paint? just with water? Submitted by Emma.

Response: You can use Annie Sloan on anything! If you have a slick material such as laminate or glass apply a very thin layer just to establish your base. The second coat will really stick then:) To clean the brushes warm soapy water will suffice. I also will use a natural makeup brush remover or a small amount of olive oil to break up the brush gunk!


  1. It was good that Annie Sloan recommends a stiff brush and she also has a wax brush. Really great effort to make this. Thanks for this insightful article.
    Aran mia


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