Banana French Toast {Simple Creative Breakfast Recipe}

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Breakfast gets monotonous! Breakfast, however, is my favorite meal of the day due to the possibility of a highly creative savory or sweet dish! For instance, take the savory route and explore some huevos rancheros OR take the sweet route with an "Ooey Gooey" cinnamon bun. So much flexibility and possibility with breakfast, but somehow we wind up with a Egg McMuffin. Okay, no more breakfast preaching;-)

This beautiful Tuesday morning I decided to create a french toast fusion with bananas! If you want an intense banana flavor just let the batter percolate in your fridge for about an hour. If a light banana flavor is all you desire simply add the finely chopped banana to your batter and pan fry immediately! The final product is not very pretty, but it is pretty darn yummy!

Banana French Toast {Recipe Serves 3 to 4 people}

Batter Ingredients:
Banana {Medium-sized and finely chopped}
2 eggs
Splash of whole milk
Lots of cinnamon!
1 tbsp Vanilla extract

Combine the ingredients below for your batter. Heat a pad of butter in your pan on MED heat. Slice some day old french bread thickly. Make sure you smash the bread slightly in your batter on each side making sure your banana bits stick! Pan fry your battered bread on medium heat until golden brown on each side. Caramelizing Bananas{optional}: Thickly slice bananas and pan friend until golden brown. Just a spoonful of sugar and butter needed!!;-)


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