FPF Training {a womanly review}

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"No cowboy shit. Real Shit" ~Heather P.{me} 

My freedom-loving heart could not wait to write this post. My husband finally got me out to Culpepper, VA to take John Murphy's Concealed Carry for Self Defense class{CCSD} at FPF Training. My husband took this course several times before and highly recommended both the class and him. My husband is a former Army Infantry Sergeant whom served in the Iraq campaign. He is picky as hell about his guns and instructors. That being said, I was truly nervous about taking this course.

The last time I shot a pistol was months prior to the course. John is a foul-mouthed former Marine Sergeant, but he immediately put me at ease. He tailors the firing drills to "your" personal training level. The class skill level ranges from those who have never handled a firearm to military/police level persons. Many women were in the CCSD course, which rocked my world! Many of the folks who took the course with me were repeat customers{always a good sign}. This course, however, is about more than self defense shooting and concealed carry.

We did an abundance of class time talk that revolved a great deal around mind set. The consequences and responsibilities associated with carrying a firearm are also covered in-depth. John makes you consider the entire spectrum. The Sergeant in John Murphy comes out periodically, but his passion is clear you are training for your potential survival. I left the class with increased confidence in my gun handling skills. My husband and I are already planning to take FPF Training's Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics{ACCT} course next year! See you next year boys!;-) Also, stay-tuned for a video or two courtesy of my bad-ass father-in-law:)


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