Old Whaling Co.{Organic Soap} *CLOSED Giveaway*

*Old Whaling Company sent the blueberry bar soap for the sole purpose of this review. Opinions are mine.
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The "American Dream" can be tenderly and lovingly found in April Lee McCarty and the Old Whaling Company. We all dream about the day when we can look at our children and say this is yours:) April started her Organic soap company after finding out her son had eczema and was seeking a different road from that of pharmaceuticals. Blessed that I am to show off her lovingly handcrafted  and Organic soaps for you all today!

Blueberry ah blueberry, so sweet and certainly a summertime treat for all! Old Whaling Company has created a delectable blueberry soap treat for your skin! I cannot tell a lie:) When I opened the door to retrieve my package from Old Whaling Company all I could smell was blueberries emanating from the front door! So eager to lather it up:)

*Sniff sniff* The blueberry scent is intoxicating! The soap is very moisturizing and the tiny blueberry seeds make for a light-relaxing exfoliation:) So pleased.

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