Stranger Danger {Hot Topic}

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The news has been plastered with the recent recovery of three missing teens in the Cleveland, Ohio area. They were being held captive right down the road from their homes for nearly ten years! The women were ages 14, 16, and 19 at the times of their disappearances. They are in good physical health according to news reports. One now has to wonder what is in store for these gals. The nightmare is far from over. It has just begun. NO education, limited support systems, and a six year old child(presumably for Amanda Berry). The whole story made me think back to my childhood and about my own children. How do you introduce this sensitive "stranger danger" subject?

Children should know that both good and evil reside in the world. I recall as a young child there was a children's book that really stuck with me on this particular subject. It was the Berenstain Bears book learn about strangers. Inside they compare two different apples as a way to convey that looks can be deceiving. Sister bear shows Mama bear a lumpy apple, which Mama bear cuts open to reveal a perfect apple. She also shows Sister bear a perfect-appearing shiny red apple. The inside of this apple was full of worms. How can we best protect our children from predators?

Educate them. Talk with them. Abduction is not an option. Do not be taken to a secondary location no matter what. Scratch, bite, and fight to the death(if necessary). Predators want a lamb, not a lion. Who knows what will happen once you are safely tucked away. Some things(in my mind) are worse then death. Above all my children must learn to listen to themselves. Listening "to the whisper" is what ultimately saved my life.

I was four houses down from mine when a strangers car pulled up. He rolled down his passenger car window and without a word wagged his finger suggesting I come closer to the vehicle. My heart sunk and a tiny voice in my head said RUN! The moment I took off the man did too....peeling tires and never to be seen again. Adrenaline was coursing and I ran the whole way to my destination(my best friend's house).  I was 14 at the time. The man was never caught.

*These are personal stories and feelings that you may not share. I wish to hear how you feel about stranger danger. What do you tell your children?


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