Sweet-toothed Foodie {Easy Cinnamon Rolls recipe}

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My dental x-rays could surely tell you that I heartily enjoy sweets! My baked goods style of cooking revolves around simplicity. Simple, classic, that ultimately saves you time! Time is something everyone could use more of:) For the sake of father time, I give you the nitty-gritty basic cooking details. I am not a chef. I am more of a freelancer. The first recipe I will share with you this week is my, "I'm desperate for cinnamon rolls, but I do not want to drive to a bakery or put forth much effort"*smiles* Gotcha covered;-)

Things you will need:
Bread Dough
Apple {optional}
Small baking pan or cast iron skillet for baking

This was a rainy day craving, but it still takes a few hours for the dough to rise. I pulled out some frozen store bought bread dough and placed it into a bread pan to rise. After the dough has thawed and risen REMOVE from the pan onto a clean, dry surface. Use your hands and press to flatten out the dough{FYI: keep the dough long{rectangular}, because you will have to roll it back up}. MELT butter and rub all over the dough. APPLY liberal amounts of sugar and Cinnamon. ROLL the dough up and you will have your cinnamon roll log. CUT 3/4" thick segments off and place them into your PAN{makes 7 to 10 rolls}. I also tucked some APPLE slices on the sides for cinnamon-apple aromatherapy, but they were also delicious! Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until golden brown on top! Icing is truly optional. Enjoy my sweet-toothed lovas!:)


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