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Grunge is back for 2013 baby! Grab those ratty t-shirts, torn-off jeans, a Nirvana cd, and put on that look of apathy because it is grunge time sucka! A fashion blogger maybe not, but I could not resist snagging this, "I PREFER THE DRUMMER" tee. One look of my husband slightly rolling his eyes and I knew one of you had to have it! Plus,This tee is made for a younger and smaller babe so I am giving one of your teeny tiny's a chance to win this hot off the press H&M tank! Okay it is a thrift find, but appears barely touched. If that bothers you just do not enter, kay?

Alice in Chains

Pearl Jam

Stone Temple Pilots

Wardrobe Rundown: Hair: Lush Sea Spray, Makeup: Lush lip shade in Bubbly & eyeliner in Quietly Motivated, Sunglasses:, Jewelry: Silver Bangles Amy Waltz Jewelry, Statement Necklace Noonday Collection, Clothing H&M tank, J. Crew ripped jeans{the handy-work all mine;}, Shoes: Shoemint. I probably did not nail the grunge look, but I had the look of apathy hands-down! Mod-grunge:)

Give it away, give it away, give it away now! 
{US only, void where prohibited, giveaway ends July 20th midnight eastern time}

Did you like the tank? Are you a teeny-tiny? You at least know a teeny tiny:) Just leave me a comment saying you shared this giveaway & the URL to your share that is that! xoxo

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Image and value provided by our partner, Peet's
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Do you give a cup? #GiveACup

Peet's Coffee is celebrating the release of their NEW single cup's. A journey of five long years has brought Peet's Coffee to perfect their single cup's recipe and now they are ready to share it with the free world baby! Peet's Coffee is launching the first social sampling experiment where you can vote each week on what you 'Give A Cup' about:) They will then decide where to take their sampling events based on America's votes! Pretty caffeinated, huh? 

What do I 'Give a Cup' about you may ask?
Besides Zombie's taking over the free world? Spending as much time as possible with my loved ones and absolutely nothing beats a good cup of joe:) A big thank you to Peet's Coffee for the opportunity to write this post for them! Please be sure to cast your 'Give a Cup' vote this week and every week until July 25th! I was especially fond of the previous week's question, "The undead, ahem, are rising up in popularity. Do you give a cup?".  

I DO!!!! Yikes! Vote for this week's "Do you give a cup?" click here now:)

*I purchased all Lush products with my own monies. Opinions as always are my own.
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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has completely won this skeptical Lushie over with their NEW cosmetics line emotional brilliance! I have tried their eyeliner in the shade Quietly Motivated{a bronzed-chocolate color}. Simply Phenomenal. This is someone who cannot put on eyeliner to save her life! Lush's eyeliner is a pure pleasure. Fun to apply. That being said, I was ready to move on to their brightly-colored lip products. It is all about the lips gals;-)

Lush shades are heavily pigmented and at first appearance remind me of make-up used on Hallow's Eve. Try it before you knock it right? After scanning the lip shades, Bubbly stood out as the clear winner. A bright, bubbly-pink{if you will} that would go with most skin tones. LOVE Bubbly and I am itching for another LUSH lip product pronto! I think we may have to do a giveaway with every single shade;-) Oh, how I love duel purpose products! You can use the lip shades on your eyes, cheeks, and lips{of course}. The stay power is truly amazing and unmatched among lip products I have tried in the past. Okay, enough gabba gabba!

It's Giveaway Time!

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Sunday my friend Jennifer and I went Annie Sloan Chalk Paint shopping! My supplier Kelly Thompson{Stylish Patina's Owner} previously sold Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Stifel & Capra located in Falls Church, VA. When we arrived CeCe Caldwell's Paint lined the shelves!*GASP* Where is the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?! I fearfully asked the clerk. I felt like a junkie looking for my next score. The nice man working behind the counter kindly directed us to Stylish Patina's new location on South Maple St. in Falls Church, VA. Whew!! I really dodged a bullet on that one. A hot knight is kindly propped right outside the shop{so you can't miss it};-)

Jennifer and I are about to embark on an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint adventure with her breakfast table and chairs! Jennifer's home is filled to the brim with neutral tones. She needs some color in her life. Primer Red is just the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color to brighten her living space without feeling too intense. It is a color that you can really live with. I know this project is going to turn out amazing and I want all of you to come along! Stay tuned for updates on "Project Jennifer" and our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint adventure :)
Lame I know, but I am about to interview myself. This could turn out to be awesome:)

Promote the Rock? What in the world does that mean? Now...I am NOT about to put myself out of business, but I will share some key structural secrets on how to run a successful promotion. It is all about the giveaway.

Secret #1 SHARE

I know what you are thinking. Heather, I do have share options for my giveaways! Sure you do and how many follow options do you have? 9 times out of 10 the majority of giveaways I run across have more follows options than share options. Some have no share options at all. Make entrants share by having more share options than follow options. This extends your reach significantly.

Secret #2 VARIETY

Promote through a variety of channels. That goes for social media as well as linking your giveaways up to enhance promotion. The best site for promotion I have ever used is If you have a handcrafted item you are promoting what are you waiting for?! Great traffic awaits you. If your giveaway has less than a week to go and has less than 200 entries promote through This low-entry linky is tops for driving last-minute traffic to your giveaway.

Secret #3 PINTEREST is the BEST

Everyone is going to tell you something different, but unless they say Pinterest is the best social media they are wrong:) Here is why: Pinterest is visual and we humans are visual creatures. Pinterest links images directly back to the source{your giveaway, your business, it is freaking genius}. Enough said.

Secret #4 REPLY to your COMMENTS

Let your readers know that you are alive! A human being, someone they can relate to, and cement their loyal readership by saying HI! I used to be a No-Reply blogger. Not anymore. I try my very best to reply to all my comments. Thank you for leaving them!:)


How are YOU going to run a good promotion when you know nothing about how they operate? Think about that.

Secret #6 Use HASHTAGS

Instagram, Google+, Twitter. Google+ has click-able hashtags! Help people find you:) #lookatme #hereIam
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Can you use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint outdoors? Yes, you can.

Annie Sloan literally embraces every room and now the outdoors have some Annie Sloan love too! My shed was a fabulous poop brown color with accents of bright pink trim{Oh Lordy}. I do believe the previous owner of the house was mentally ill or at the very least color and pattern blind:) The shed has been a thorn in my side for the past year, but with two small babes it had to wait. Until now.

Annie Sloan had a post on her blog where she is walking around Normandy, France pointing out different houses and which of her chalk paints could be used to replicate the colors. All locations were in the great outdoors. A light bulb went off. I thought could I? After some more research, I realized this was more than a possibility and that you could use Annie Sloan Chalk Paints for outdoor use. The important thing to mention here is NO CLEAR WAX outside! Water will get underneath the paint and it will chip off. No rocket science is required. This is what I did.

Chateau Grey and Coco Annie Sloan Chalk Paint were the two colors I used on the shed. First, I took the hose and cleaned the surface of the shed I would be working on. I dried it and got to work. I used a large stiff brush and hand painted the shed. This is a shed. No taping and no fuss{just spiders...ugh}. Actually, I was surprised it only took me about an afternoon to paint each side of the shed. Less than one can of Coco and a little more than one can of Chateau Grey chalk paint is what I estimate to use. About $100 total to paint the entire shed{not too shabby chic, huh}?! Because the wood is so OLD the chalk paint soaked right in. Granted only half the shed is done, but I am giving myself until the end of the summer. Eureka and Thank you for the inspiration Annie Sloan!
*I received the glitter stache ring for the sole purpose of this review. These opinions are mine. 

VINCA makes cute jewelry right here in the good ol' USA! They make the type of jewelry that brings us back to our youth as grown ups! Some powerful stuff:) Their jewelry designs are crisp & playfully modern. The jewelry ranges from anything to a chair, fox, magical unicorns, and beyond. Glitter, acrylic, crystals, monograms, sterling silver, and even spring-loaded clip-on earrings for the young gals can be found at VINCA;-) VINCA offers affordable, trendy, statement jewelry. Affordable, but also very well made pieces. It is my pleasure to show off the VINCA glitter stache ring! My intent was a close up, but I am feeling VERY under the weather. I promise to put up a "true" stache photo post recovery, but no one needs a close up of me currently;-) I have a truly special VINCA giveaway for you today, but first my top picks!

The Super-Power Ring:{Superman eat your heart out};-)

Ballerina Hoop Clip-ons {especially for the little ladies}

Chair Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain{Black Clothing has a new BFF}
Jewelry lovers unite 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1~~~~~VINCA GIVEAWAY TIME~~~~~~
One lucky Astronautette will win these three out-of-this-world studs{*in gold* please disregard the silver-toned ones}! I really do feel like I am in the twilight zone, but this is REALITY!:) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Taking a Leap of Faith. Ultimately, that is what we do in life. You never know how it is all gonna turn out{scary stuff right?}. Pamela{the 60-year old birthday girl and my mum-in-law}has been courageous in her years, which has paid true dividends in her life's happiness. We could sit idly on the sidelines and be relatively safe, but true joy goes to those who took the leap. What is the Leap?

Getting married and having children. Solid and Scary lifetime commitments. Truly random thoughts have brought me to write this post. You know...neurons rapidly firing that bring us to a thought:) Sometimes we are drawing conclusions and sometimes we are simply left with a beautiful moment. That is what I bring you today a beautiful moment. My mother-in-law celebrating her sixtieth birthday over the weekend surrounded by family, which includes two grand babies:} I felt that I could see the pure joy of her years transparently captured in this moment.

Happy Birthday Oma, Mother, loving Wife, yogi, mentor, model, wisdom impart-er, Sister, and friend{I am sure that I have missed a few titles, but I surely hit the big ones}!:)
*I am buying these LUSH items with my own monies. As always these opinions are mine.
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I have been eagerly awaiting this supremely awesome{seashell} and super fabulous{tan} summer giveaway for months! I am terrible at keeping a secret, but I need not keep my lips sealed any longer:) Spunky Real Deals{That's me!} is hosting the Summer Fun Giveaway Hop! My Co-host in all it's summer giveaway glory is Sarah McDougal at Enjoying the Epiphany! Do you want to know what I am giving away?*hushed voice* Let me tell you!*car salesman pitch* I want to give my tanned beauties a special summer giveaway treat to keep you feeling lovely all summer long! LUSH handmade cosmetics just happens to sell my two favorite summer beauty products! One winner will win both the Ocean Salt and Sea Spray from LUSH!


Ocean Salt is the ocean contained in a tiny black pot{that is my take on it anyway};-) I love duel purpose products! You can use Ocean Salt for your face and body too! Ocean Salt exfoliates and moisturizes. Toss the moisturizer aside and get back to the beach! Sea Spray is a new 2013 love for me. It is perfume for your hair and it will give your tresses that hot "beach swept" styling! What are you waiting for the next tide? Jump in and enter! All entered up? Go to the linky below to hop over and enter some more amazing Summer giveaways! a Rafflecopter giveaway GIVEAWAYS OPEN JUNE 14th at midnight!!!
*I received an "I give a shit" tee for the sole purpose of this review. Opinions are mine.
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"It's time to give a shit" ~TNH

This quote is more than a slogan or fancy catch phrase. The Naked Hippie{TNH} is fashion with a purpose. TNH invests 100% of their profits to assist families in developing countries by funding their small business ventures, which in turn allows them to support their families. Clearly, TNH gives a shit.

TNH is socially conscious, but their clothing is incredibly trendy! The "I give a shit" tee that I received is soft with a comfortable broken-in feel. Made with 50% Organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester that creates an amazingly soft Eco-tee. This tee is one you will find yourself doing laundry just to wear it every other day{sending a positive message all the while};-) The purchase of a Naked Hippie tee is something you can feel good about from the inside and on the out:) What is the "I give a shit tee" really about?

The TNH giving a shit campaign is about just that and taking responsibility for our consumer purchases. Reading alittle further, digging alittle deeper, and buying from socially responsible companies. One person can make a difference. Many can start a revolution...real change.

Ready to start a revolution? Who is ready for an "I give a shit" tee giveaway?
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*I was sent the Rodan+Fields Redefine regimen to use for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions are mine.
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Rodan + Fields is a unique skincare system tailored to your skin's specific needs: REDEFINE{anti-aging}, REVERSE{sun damage & brown spots}, UNBLEMISH{acne control}, and SOOTHE{sensitive skin}. Rodan + Fields is comprised of two dermatologists who completed their studies at the prestigious Stanford University{not too shabby, huh?}. These lovely ladies are Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. The goal of Rodan + Fields? To give everyone access to dermatology-based skin care. I have started writing this post Day 2 of my Rodan + Fields Redefine regimen and I am already a believer!

Forgive the gram photo loves. My skin is smoother, brighter, and my large pores much FINER! I feel years younger in two weeks time. Lindsay Rouse is the wonderful independent consultant for Rodan + Fields whom sent me the redefine regimen. The redefine regimen includes: The Daily Cleansing Mask, Pore Minimizing Toner, AM Triple Defense Treatment, and PM Overnight Restorative Cream. What do I think?

I heart the redefine regimen by Rodan + Fields! Three easy steps: Daily Cleansing Mask, Pore Minimizing Toner, and either the AM/PM cream....boom goes the dynamite! The system is supremely convenient. Which is extremely important when you barely have time to use the potty{mommy talk here};-) In just two weeks, I have seen an overall improvement in my skin's complexion. A brighter, more even skin-tone and smaller pores were the most notable notes.

Who is ready for a Rodan + Fields dreamy eyes giveaway? a Rafflecopter giveaway
*I was sent an item for the purposes of this review. All opinions are mine.
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The butterfly in flight is a magical sight and Nessie Designs has captured this vision for inclusion in your hair. Fashion bold, fashion forward, and simply unique. Nessie Designs are not for the fashionably plain of heart. Whimsical butterflies, regal crowns, and perhaps a bullet headband{you never know when you might need one};-) The butterfly headband that the beautiful owner Melanie Schouten sent me is a wonder and simply magnificent! The butterfly headband is just the tip of the artistic spirit behind Nessie Designs, which is lovingly named in honor of Melanie's mama:)

Drip, drop. The rain was the perfect setting for this fleeting butterfly headband! I felt like a fairy princess or a beautiful pixie skipping through the rain drops:) Feminine, flirty, and a true show-stopper! These would be amazing for bridal parties, brides, Halloween, and for any special occasion{really}! Many of Nessie Designs have the appearance of high English society headdresses. The feather crowns remind me of Roman Goddesses. Nessie Designs transform any outfit into a high fashion masterpiece with the greatest of ease.

Black Lace Crown{fit for a prince or princess*ahem* Halloween:)
Fly, fly,'s giveaway time!

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Tis' the season for bridesmaids, white dresses, and bad catering;-) Yes! Wedding season is here. There is almost no gift harder to purchase than a wedding gift. Give money, a weird vase, the joy of cooking, and the list goes on. Sorry if I misled you, but this post is how to make your gift look better than everyone else's{even if it's not};-)

Step 1.) Use gourmet paper and ribbon. Go to you local ribbon store and paper store. Buy expensive paper and ribbon. If you go to Michael's that is what it will look like...blah!

Step 2.) Make it match. If you have more than one gift use the same paper and ribbon. Sounds like common sense, but just saying!

Step 3.) Make it personal. I cut lavender from my yard and dried it. This was a perfect personal touch to the lovely vase I purchased:)

Step 4.) A nice note. Two imperfect persons coming together to form a perfect love. Robert Frost worthy right? You have my permission to steal it:)

There you go ladies and gents! So, no matter what you buy your beloved couple at least you know the packaging looks spot on! Happy Wedding Season!
Many weddings, parties, and outdoor gatherings will ensue before winter. I wanted to share a few outdoor floral arrangements I recently made to create a more beautiful and inviting space. These arrangements were made from English roses from my own back yard. That means zero monies went into this that is what I'm talking about! If you do not grow English roses or lavender(for that matter) NOW is the time to start!

Lavender is incredibly versatile. Lavender is beautiful freshly cut, dried, as satchels, gifts, culinary purposes, and the list could go on infinitely. Not to mention, lavender is nearly impossible to kill once established:)

My rose garden is located in the back, which leaves the rest of the backyard looking pale in comparison. Luckily, I had an empty potter that I have been meaning to plant something in for about a year now! I located a shallow bowl and filled it with fresh water. I then placed the bowl inside the potter. Next, I walked to my garden to cut fresh pink and butter cream English roses. I lined the rim of the potter with English beauties and for the piece a la resistance I cut a few lush lilac branches for texture! A stunning centerpiece for any outdoor gala! Lastly, we conclude with some shed floral love.

Outdoor floral arrangements will elevate any outdoor affair to the next luxurious level. Happy Summer my little super-star hostesses!
I bought BUZZ OFF from essential8 with my own monies. These opinions as always are mine!
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The gnats and mosquitoes are starting their backyard reign already in the month of May! Once summer hits her prime we will be swatting left and right. I made the natural bug repellant switch for my small boys about a year ago. I want protection from the bugs without harsh chemicals on their delicate baby skin. Essential8 is my natural BUZZ OFF repellant;-) BUZZ OFF has a delicate spray and a concentrated scent, but it does not overwhelm the senses! You can visibly see the difference in the bug population plummet around my son's head as I spray. Re-up occasionally and you are happily bug free:)

Essential8 {BUZZ OFF} essential oils:
Lemon eucalyptus (repels flies, mosquitoes, ticks and lice)
Citronella (repels mosquitoes and biting flies)
Cedarwood (repels mosquitoes)
Juniper berry
Ready for an essential8 BUZZ-worthy summer without the bugs giveaway? a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I received Rose Berry for the sole purposes of this review. These are my opinions. 
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Zoet (which sounds like zoot and rhymes with boot), is the Dutch word meaning: sweet, soft, gentle and fresh. Bathlatier™ (bath•la•tier) is a maker or seller of lux home goods, bath and body concoctions.
Zoet Bathlatier truly embodies their name. Ilka Evans is the delightful owner of Zoet Bathalier out of Malvern, PA. She generously sent me her Rose Berry all-natural lip tint for review. Light, silky, and a hint of sheen berry color. Summer lip perfection. Use Rose Berry on your lips and even on your cheeks{I do}:)  I absolutely adore this product. I will purchase this again and again. You need to try this!

Have you used Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment? Do a comparison my friend. Rose Berry costs less and is handcrafted with quality ingredients. The switch has been made to Rose Berry all-natural lip tint. 

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