Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Adventure at Stylish Patina

SHOP Stylish Patina///// VISIT Annie Sloan

Sunday my friend Jennifer and I went Annie Sloan Chalk Paint shopping! My supplier Kelly Thompson{Stylish Patina's Owner} previously sold Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Stifel & Capra located in Falls Church, VA. When we arrived CeCe Caldwell's Paint lined the shelves!*GASP* Where is the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?! I fearfully asked the clerk. I felt like a junkie looking for my next score. The nice man working behind the counter kindly directed us to Stylish Patina's new location on South Maple St. in Falls Church, VA. Whew!! I really dodged a bullet on that one. A hot knight is kindly propped right outside the shop{so you can't miss it};-)

Jennifer and I are about to embark on an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint adventure with her breakfast table and chairs! Jennifer's home is filled to the brim with neutral tones. She needs some color in her life. Primer Red is just the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color to brighten her living space without feeling too intense. It is a color that you can really live with. I know this project is going to turn out amazing and I want all of you to come along! Stay tuned for updates on "Project Jennifer" and our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint adventure :)


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