Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Shed {You can DIY}

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Can you use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint outdoors? Yes, you can.

Annie Sloan literally embraces every room and now the outdoors have some Annie Sloan love too! My shed was a fabulous poop brown color with accents of bright pink trim{Oh Lordy}. I do believe the previous owner of the house was mentally ill or at the very least color and pattern blind:) The shed has been a thorn in my side for the past year, but with two small babes it had to wait. Until now.

Annie Sloan had a post on her blog where she is walking around Normandy, France pointing out different houses and which of her chalk paints could be used to replicate the colors. All locations were in the great outdoors. A light bulb went off. I thought could I? After some more research, I realized this was more than a possibility and that you could use Annie Sloan Chalk Paints for outdoor use. The important thing to mention here is NO CLEAR WAX outside! Water will get underneath the paint and it will chip off. No rocket science is required. This is what I did.

Chateau Grey and Coco Annie Sloan Chalk Paint were the two colors I used on the shed. First, I took the hose and cleaned the surface of the shed I would be working on. I dried it and got to work. I used a large stiff brush and hand painted the shed. This is a shed. No taping and no fuss{just spiders...ugh}. Actually, I was surprised it only took me about an afternoon to paint each side of the shed. Less than one can of Coco and a little more than one can of Chateau Grey chalk paint is what I estimate to use. About $100 total to paint the entire shed{not too shabby chic, huh}?! Because the wood is so OLD the chalk paint soaked right in. Granted only half the shed is done, but I am giving myself until the end of the summer. Eureka and Thank you for the inspiration Annie Sloan!


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