Do you give a cup? {Peet's Coffee} #GiveACup

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Do you give a cup? #GiveACup

Peet's Coffee is celebrating the release of their NEW single cup's. A journey of five long years has brought Peet's Coffee to perfect their single cup's recipe and now they are ready to share it with the free world baby! Peet's Coffee is launching the first social sampling experiment where you can vote each week on what you 'Give A Cup' about:) They will then decide where to take their sampling events based on America's votes! Pretty caffeinated, huh? 

What do I 'Give a Cup' about you may ask?
Besides Zombie's taking over the free world? Spending as much time as possible with my loved ones and absolutely nothing beats a good cup of joe:) A big thank you to Peet's Coffee for the opportunity to write this post for them! Please be sure to cast your 'Give a Cup' vote this week and every week until July 25th! I was especially fond of the previous week's question, "The undead, ahem, are rising up in popularity. Do you give a cup?".  

I DO!!!! Yikes! Vote for this week's "Do you give a cup?" click here now:)


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