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I bought BUZZ OFF from essential8 with my own monies. These opinions as always are mine!
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The gnats and mosquitoes are starting their backyard reign already in the month of May! Once summer hits her prime we will be swatting left and right. I made the natural bug repellant switch for my small boys about a year ago. I want protection from the bugs without harsh chemicals on their delicate baby skin. Essential8 is my natural BUZZ OFF repellant;-) BUZZ OFF has a delicate spray and a concentrated scent, but it does not overwhelm the senses! You can visibly see the difference in the bug population plummet around my son's head as I spray. Re-up occasionally and you are happily bug free:)

Essential8 {BUZZ OFF} essential oils:
Lemon eucalyptus (repels flies, mosquitoes, ticks and lice)
Citronella (repels mosquitoes and biting flies)
Cedarwood (repels mosquitoes)
Juniper berry
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