How to run a Successful giveaway? {DIY}

Lame I know, but I am about to interview myself. This could turn out to be awesome:)

Promote the Rock? What in the world does that mean? Now...I am NOT about to put myself out of business, but I will share some key structural secrets on how to run a successful promotion. It is all about the giveaway.

Secret #1 SHARE

I know what you are thinking. Heather, I do have share options for my giveaways! Sure you do and how many follow options do you have? 9 times out of 10 the majority of giveaways I run across have more follows options than share options. Some have no share options at all. Make entrants share by having more share options than follow options. This extends your reach significantly.

Secret #2 VARIETY

Promote through a variety of channels. That goes for social media as well as linking your giveaways up to enhance promotion. The best site for promotion I have ever used is If you have a handcrafted item you are promoting what are you waiting for?! Great traffic awaits you. If your giveaway has less than a week to go and has less than 200 entries promote through This low-entry linky is tops for driving last-minute traffic to your giveaway.

Secret #3 PINTEREST is the BEST

Everyone is going to tell you something different, but unless they say Pinterest is the best social media they are wrong:) Here is why: Pinterest is visual and we humans are visual creatures. Pinterest links images directly back to the source{your giveaway, your business, it is freaking genius}. Enough said.

Secret #4 REPLY to your COMMENTS

Let your readers know that you are alive! A human being, someone they can relate to, and cement their loyal readership by saying HI! I used to be a No-Reply blogger. Not anymore. I try my very best to reply to all my comments. Thank you for leaving them!:)


How are YOU going to run a good promotion when you know nothing about how they operate? Think about that.

Secret #6 Use HASHTAGS

Instagram, Google+, Twitter. Google+ has click-able hashtags! Help people find you:) #lookatme #hereIam


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