I give a shit {The Naked Hippie} *CLOSED GIVEAWAY*

*I received an "I give a shit" tee for the sole purpose of this review. Opinions are mine.
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"It's time to give a shit" ~TNH

This quote is more than a slogan or fancy catch phrase. The Naked Hippie{TNH} is fashion with a purpose. TNH invests 100% of their profits to assist families in developing countries by funding their small business ventures, which in turn allows them to support their families. Clearly, TNH gives a shit.

TNH is socially conscious, but their clothing is incredibly trendy! The "I give a shit" tee that I received is soft with a comfortable broken-in feel. Made with 50% Organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester that creates an amazingly soft Eco-tee. This tee is one you will find yourself doing laundry just to wear it every other day{sending a positive message all the while};-) The purchase of a Naked Hippie tee is something you can feel good about from the inside and on the out:) What is the "I give a shit tee" really about?

The TNH giving a shit campaign is about just that and taking responsibility for our consumer purchases. Reading alittle further, digging alittle deeper, and buying from socially responsible companies. One person can make a difference. Many can start a revolution...real change.

Ready to start a revolution? Who is ready for an "I give a shit" tee giveaway?
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