Outdoor Floral Arranging {DIY}

Many weddings, parties, and outdoor gatherings will ensue before winter. I wanted to share a few outdoor floral arrangements I recently made to create a more beautiful and inviting space. These arrangements were made from English roses from my own back yard. That means zero monies went into this project...now that is what I'm talking about! If you do not grow English roses or lavender(for that matter) NOW is the time to start!

Lavender is incredibly versatile. Lavender is beautiful freshly cut, dried, as satchels, gifts, culinary purposes, and the list could go on infinitely. Not to mention, lavender is nearly impossible to kill once established:)

My rose garden is located in the back, which leaves the rest of the backyard looking pale in comparison. Luckily, I had an empty potter that I have been meaning to plant something in for about a year now! I located a shallow bowl and filled it with fresh water. I then placed the bowl inside the potter. Next, I walked to my garden to cut fresh pink and butter cream English roses. I lined the rim of the potter with English beauties and for the piece a la resistance I cut a few lush lilac branches for texture! A stunning centerpiece for any outdoor gala! Lastly, we conclude with some shed floral love.

Outdoor floral arrangements will elevate any outdoor affair to the next luxurious level. Happy Summer my little super-star hostesses!


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