Six decades of life {reflection}

Taking a Leap of Faith. Ultimately, that is what we do in life. You never know how it is all gonna turn out{scary stuff right?}. Pamela{the 60-year old birthday girl and my mum-in-law}has been courageous in her years, which has paid true dividends in her life's happiness. We could sit idly on the sidelines and be relatively safe, but true joy goes to those who took the leap. What is the Leap?

Getting married and having children. Solid and Scary lifetime commitments. Truly random thoughts have brought me to write this post. You know...neurons rapidly firing that bring us to a thought:) Sometimes we are drawing conclusions and sometimes we are simply left with a beautiful moment. That is what I bring you today a beautiful moment. My mother-in-law celebrating her sixtieth birthday over the weekend surrounded by family, which includes two grand babies:} I felt that I could see the pure joy of her years transparently captured in this moment.

Happy Birthday Oma, Mother, loving Wife, yogi, mentor, model, wisdom impart-er, Sister, and friend{I am sure that I have missed a few titles, but I surely hit the big ones}!:)


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