Wedding Gifts {DIY}

Tis' the season for bridesmaids, white dresses, and bad catering;-) Yes! Wedding season is here. There is almost no gift harder to purchase than a wedding gift. Give money, a weird vase, the joy of cooking, and the list goes on. Sorry if I misled you, but this post is how to make your gift look better than everyone else's{even if it's not};-)

Step 1.) Use gourmet paper and ribbon. Go to you local ribbon store and paper store. Buy expensive paper and ribbon. If you go to Michael's that is what it will look like...blah!

Step 2.) Make it match. If you have more than one gift use the same paper and ribbon. Sounds like common sense, but just saying!

Step 3.) Make it personal. I cut lavender from my yard and dried it. This was a perfect personal touch to the lovely vase I purchased:)

Step 4.) A nice note. Two imperfect persons coming together to form a perfect love. Robert Frost worthy right? You have my permission to steal it:)

There you go ladies and gents! So, no matter what you buy your beloved couple at least you know the packaging looks spot on! Happy Wedding Season!


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