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<<<<>>>STAY on Shell Basket Lane<<<<>>>>

Our family traveled to Sanibel Island this summer on Florida's pristine gulf coast. We rented Jim and Leslie's quaint beach cottage property that resides on Shell Basket Lane{adorable, right?}. I found their lovely cottage on, which we religiously use to book all our vacation property rentals. Jim and Leslie's property have 5 out of 5 star reviews and I am going to tell you why.

Jim and Leslie have everything you need for a care-free beach vacation right at your fingertips. Plenty of luxury towels, linens, toilet paper{don't laugh}, a television in every room, a spice rack, washer/dryer, and everything you forgot! I forgot my sandals{you can laugh} and they had extra sandals too! They also have beach chairs, bikes, a gas grill, lists of local activities, recommended restaurants, emergency phone numbers, and I could go on infinitely. This is a very child friendly place to stay if you have children. My toddler broke a frame while we were there and Leslie told me it big deal! Beach access is a very short jaunt out the back. A perfect spot and lucky for you I am willing to share:) Jim and Leslie's beach cottage is as comfortable as if you were staying in your very own home. Happy Sand-encrusted Trails Friends!

*I was given a pouch for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions are mine.
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C. Alexandria By Hand is a glorious accessorizing shop with beautiful MOD-Bohemian Jewelry and Pouches. Accessorizing has never been my fashion Forte', but C. Alexandria has shown me the accessorizing light:} Cire{the lovely and generous owner of C. Alexandria By Hand} sent me an adorable cotton and reclaimed leather pouch. The pouch is a lovely sight. My husband is no longer necessary to carry my girlie essentials! This pouch has enough room for lip gloss, ATM cards, phone, and a small camera{an absolute must:}. Did some stunning earrings catch your eye?

What lies before you are Red Jasper & Smoky Quartz Earrings with Gold-Plated Hooks. Oh sigh...these are jaw-droppers! They are weighty with beautiful detailing and dimension. They look like a new favorite pair of stunners to me! Did I mention this is Part I of our giveaway!! Yep, some lucky lady is taking these home with her and more. Definitely jealous:}

Here is the whole kit and caboodle! The necklace is Antiqued Brass, Red Tiger Eye, Red Jasper Quartz, Tiger Eye, and Cast Brass "Spikes". Are you totally drooling yet? If you caught the slideshow at the top I am wearing the necklace. Believe me I did not want to take it off. My excitement has turned into an erupting volcano....I can't take it anymore!

Who wants to win an amazing, artisan, handcrafted jewelry set by C. Alexandria By Hand???!!!

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*Fruttare generously sent us a coupon for a FREE box of Fruttare Strawberry Fresa Ice Bars! Content provided in partnership with Fruttare. All opinions are my own.
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Fruttare has been a part of our family all summer long. My boys love the Fruttare Mango Ice Bars and the NEW Strawberry Fresa Ice Bars looked delightful, so we had to try them! The boys gave their approval of Fruttare some time ago, but now it was time for me to taste test Fruttare for myself.

Verdict of yum! Fruttare Ice Bars are refreshing and have a nice soft texture while they melt. The pieces of fruit are bright and have an incredible "picked from the garden" freshness. You do not need me or my adorable children to convince you that Fruttare is a delicious frozen treat. How about you try Fruttare for yourself? Wanna win a voucher for a FREE box of Fruttare? Enter below....go on:)  

Content provided in partnership with Fruttare.

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I received products from Harmonia Botanica for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions are mine.
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Harmonia Botanica is helping you and me "look better naturally" with their line of 100% natural beauty products. Their beauty products are SO natural they have a recommended shelf life of 6 to 12 months. A shorter shelf life indicates a fresh product with high quality ingredients. NO synthetics and NO parabens. Only pure goodness for you and your skin. Without further adieu, it is my pleasure to share Harmonia Botanica's products with you! Please write down their name for your skin's sake:)
Essential Beauty Elixir {Mandarin}

"A Beauty Staple."~Heather P.{me}

Harmonia Botanica's essential beauty elixirs help target specific skin concerns. In the case of the Mandarin elixirs, it helps tighten and clean your pores. It also regulates sebum production and increase the effectiveness of your daily moisturizer. An incredible product! I just used the Mandarin Essential Beauty elixir this AM and my skin feels incredible. Soothing, with fast penetration into the skin. A light oil moisturizer with a subtle Mandarin scent. Wanna Win a Essential Beauty Elixir? Keep scrolling:)
Camellia Body Oil

Say "hi" to your new favorite moisturizer!  Asia originated Camellia Oil has been a Geisha beauty secret for ages. Harmonia Botanica's Camellia Body Oil zaps into the skin leaving you moisturized on a whole new level! I used the Camellia Body Oil yesterday and I am still utterly smooth. I think it is the ylang ylang - the scent is intoxicating and lovely.

Vitality truly embodies its name. A deep penetrating moisturizer for your face and neck. Fragrance-free, with some of the best antioxidants and anti-aging oils. This product feels thin, creamy, and has great full coverage! Vitality brings me back to my twenties skin again{ahhh...those were the days:}
Baume De Rose

A decadently thick Rose Oil lip balm. A moisturizing mask for your lips. Comes in a 15ml generous-sized pot that you are sure to go through quickly.  Use in the morning and you are set until the starry night. This is my favorite natural beauty product of the year{thus far}!

Enter Below for a chance to WIN one of the Essential Beauty Elixirs!!!!!
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Halloween is serious business at the Paulding household. Preparation is long, hard, and down-right scary! I am taking it to new heights this Halloween with decor, props, and costumes. Get ready for a Halloween of epic "Michael Meyers" proportions. Expect updates weekly leading up to the BIG Hallow's Eve Spectacular. This week's topic: yarn wrapped SNAKES! Last year I concocted this yarn wrap creation which looks pretty darn close to the real slithering thing! Did I mention my Halloween costume was Medusa?! Awesome right? I could not bring myself to be an ugly I beautified her role a bit:) Come on....Let's make some SSSssssssnakes!

Wrap Snake Supplies List

Yarn {colors of preference}
Jewelry Wire {Thin}*Fangs & Tongue
Glitter {colors of preference}
Wire hanger
Hot Glue*lots
Nail clippers*Fangs

This is a three part YouTube series. Don't be Scared;-)
JOIN The Virginia Blogger's Club<>VISIT Fabbioli Cellars<>The BLOG<>#vabloggersclub

The Virginia Blogger's Club
Fabbioli Cellars was the perfect place to host our first meet-up for the Virginia Blogger's Club. Fabbioli's has an impeccable ambiance, intimate wine tasting setting, and of course great Northern Virginia wines!

Speaking of fabulous wines, Fabbioli Cellars has a new white wine that is utterly-breathlessly phenomenal made from a Petit Manseng grape. The name of the wine is not mentioned on their website, but certainly worth inquiring about. Good wine is distracting folks, but let's get down to business and talk about the FAB Northern Virginia Blogger's that were in attendance!

Ellen of My "not so" Simple Life was the first to join the crowd. Ellen is a mild-mannered farm gal that is as sweet as corn-bread muffins! Her blog is a great resource for home schooling information.

Shortly thereafter, strolled along Miss Shannah of Just us Four! A strong little-lady that will surely emerge as one of our group leaders. Great crafts, diy projects, and recipes to be had on her blog!

Next, was the unmistakable Cynthia of Feeding Big! An Adorable Foodie with a real go-getter attitude. Visit Feeding Big for lots of delicious recipes!  Last, but not least is Patricia of Fairfax Family Fun. A vivacious Latin mama made of pure fun{photo pending}. If you live in Northern VA, Fairfax Family Fun has all your local activities listed. Patricia does the work so you don't have to!

{Virginia Blogger Club Attendees: Feeding Big, My "not so" Simple Life, Just Us Four, and Fairfax Family Fun}
A tremendous Thank You to all the Virginia Blogger's in attendance and a big Thank You to Fabbioli Cellars for a tremendous overall experience. This wino will be back very soon;-)
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"Hoopla has vintage-styled statement earrings with an air of sophistication"~Heather P.{Me}

Hoopla Earrings is looking for some honest feedback. Well, look no further my friends:) My first thoughts about Hoopla? Where can I get some Hoopla Earrings and can I work with you?! These earrings are pure statement jewelry. A bold pop of color and texture for those adorable lobes. The styling is suited to both day and night accessorizing. Play up or play down...the choice is yours.

What I love the most about these earrings is the entrepreneur behind the Hoopla! The woman behind Hoopla Earrings is a dedicated mother of four. One look and you can tell this family is a very special bunch. A true success story and a business you are proud to support. Go support and adorn your earlobes with some gorgeous Hoopla Earrings!

My Favorite pair of Hoopla Earrings Fidelia in Orchid!

 *I was sent a top from Gypsy Thread Vintage for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions are mine.
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There is something incredibly intoxicating about vintage clothing and all fashion eventually resurfaces{like it or not}:) Gypsy Thread Vintage has a beautiful selection of Classically Modern vintage clothing and handbags that span the ages of time. The love affair that I personally have with 60s and 70s vintage clothing can be labeled as borderline unhealthy. I chose a Gypsy Thread Vintage knit blouse from the 70s that was made in Greece complete with an embroidered Iris on it. I love the tie dyed effect and it is very flattering. Let me show you a few SUPER-WOW vintage pieces from Gypsy Thread Vintage!

 Animal Magnetism: 50s Shift Dress

WHO is Ready for a Peace, Love, & Rock N' Roll Giveaway?!

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*I was sent a Grapefruit Soy Candle from Handmade Habitat for the purposes of this review.
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Handmade Habitat offers Eco-minded and handcrafted candles, bags, scarves, socks, and even matches with tres adorable packaging! Amina{the owner} with an air of lovely sent me a Grapefruit Soy Candle to review. The important thing to note about Amina's soy candles is they are scented with essential and natural fragrance oils. No parabens. Clean-burning love for YOU and your home.

The Grapefruit Soy Candle is a welcome dinner party guest. This candle will co-mingle successfully without overwhelming the food on your dinner palate. Light and clean smelling. A faint citrus scent. Supremely pleasant and you can tell a long-lasting soy candle too! The packaging is beautiful{just as everything is in her shop} with book print labeling...the perfect finishing touch:)

Be sure to grab a matchbook with your soy candle. I just love these cuties!

Do you wish to be enlightened with a clean-smelling Handmade Habitat giveaway?
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SHOP Annie Sloan Chalk Paint<<<<<>>>>>Annie Sloan The BLOG
SHOP Artwork by Molly Susan Strong 

Please note that Annie Sloan has US carriers for her Chalk Paint! You do not need to buy from her overseas. Use Google OR Annie's website to search your local area for vendors!;-) 

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint is once again gracing another area of my home. This time the walls. I fell in love with Country Grey while working on another project and thought this Annie Sloan color would add the perfect amount of rustic charm to my kitchen's nook. Country Grey adds a subtle warmth and it simply, "feels just right". My OCD self is finally converging my creativity into one area: The kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are already painted with Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue{you can check them out here}, so it just felt like a natural progression to move along into the breakfast area.

THE Devil is in the Details
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Country Grey{Wall & Chair}
The Kitchen Progress Tour 
The breakfast area is coming along nicely...see for yourself!

I'm Backkkkk;-) What better way to celebrate my return from sun and surf then to celebrate our glorious giveaway winners. Congratulations to all!



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Welcome to the "For The Home" Giveaway Hop hosted by Mommy's Favorite Things and Mama's Baby Cupcakes
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I want to introduce all of you to Karmalades! Old school cleaning techniques that grandma would use morphed into the modern day cleaning world! These DC-based Household Cleaners with a conscience add a sparkle of luxury to cleaning and turn chores into FUN! The Karmalades Scrubbing Souffle featured before you is by far my favorite natural-cleaning product. A mild abrasive that you can scrub till your hearts content and to be honest, you will want to! Use the Scrubbing Souffle on counter tops, dishes, jewelry, bathrooms, and pretty much anywhere you can think of! My favorite way to use the Scrubbing Souffle is as a toilet deodorizer. A scoop or two left to sit for 5-10 minutes in your toilet with a Swish-Swish does the trick. Three boys live in my ask me how I know;-)

OOmmmmm....clean....natural....giveaway time with Karmalades!!
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This hop is focused on items for your home sweet home! Enter my Karma-cleansing giveaway and then make sure you use the linky below to take a look at the other 40+ blogs hosting amazing giveaways for the home! Each blog has a minimum prize package of $25 per winner.

Make sure to check out the Grand Prize hosted on Mommy's Favorite Things blog. This prize is sponsored by and is a great prize of FOUR 12x12 personalized photos printed on wood for a retail value of $280!

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Welcome my dears to the Virginia Blogger's Club! We are based out of the NoVa area. DC blogger's this is your club! A venue for networking, support, and fun. If you are a Virginia or DC area blogger please feel free to join us for our very first meet-up July 20th at one of our local wineries! Check here for more details{listed under events}. I wanted to share a few posts from the Virginia Blogger's Club where guest posting is highly encouraged! That is how you get in by the way;-) Share you and share your blog! Here is a few of our recent posts:

Thank you for joining me and join us at the Virginia Blogger's Club for the most-talented blogger's the VA/DC area has to offer!
The Virginia Blogger's Club
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Heather @ Spunky Real deal


Good Luck!
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