Halloween Snake Wrap Tutorial{DIY}

Halloween is serious business at the Paulding household. Preparation is long, hard, and down-right scary! I am taking it to new heights this Halloween with decor, props, and costumes. Get ready for a Halloween of epic "Michael Meyers" proportions. Expect updates weekly leading up to the BIG Hallow's Eve Spectacular. This week's topic: yarn wrapped SNAKES! Last year I concocted this yarn wrap creation which looks pretty darn close to the real slithering thing! Did I mention my Halloween costume was Medusa?! Awesome right? I could not bring myself to be an ugly Medusa....so I beautified her role a bit:) Come on....Let's make some SSSssssssnakes!

Wrap Snake Supplies List

Yarn {colors of preference}
Jewelry Wire {Thin}*Fangs & Tongue
Glitter {colors of preference}
Wire hanger
Hot Glue*lots
Nail clippers*Fangs

This is a three part YouTube series. Don't be Scared;-)


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