Brooklyn Beach {Review & Giveaway}

*I received Brooklyn Beach Hair for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions as always are mine.
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Are you longing for the beach already? I second that! Have no fear, Brooklyn Beach has your fill of summer all through the impending winter months. They specialize in handcrafted tie-dyed linen beach towels. The most beautiful and luxurious beach towels you will most-likely ever own. In fact, it is probably a sin to call these masterpieces a towel:} Made right here in the glorious USA. Shout out to Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Beach towels have some very special features. The corners of the towels have openings underneath to fill with sand. Ingenious move! No more fiascoes that involve us running down the beach hysterically to reclaim our run away beach towels{just our umbrellas;-}. Another nifty feature is a small security pocket underneath the towel to store your valuables! WAIT...there's more! It folds up into a convenient travel size and includes a cloth tote. SEE for yourself! Hint: Look down.

Handcrafted Tie-dyed Linen Towels

Brooklyn Beach Hair
Brooklyn Beach has a new addition to the linen beach towel family! Brooklyn Beach Hair. I call it, sumptuous beach hair in a bottle. A natural tonic for your hair comprised of Jojoba oil to moisturize and sea salt for added lift. The scent is a combination of woodsy and floral notes. A very well balanced and utterly intoxicating scent. Spritz throughout the day as needed to capture that "just off the beach" hair look! What I love about this product: It does not weigh you down! Brooklyn Beach Hair is an all-natural product that softens hair, enhances natural wave, and smells amazing!

All-Natural Ingredients: water, rosewater, rose-geranium water, sea salt, jojoba oil, natural fragrance from essential oils.

No Sleep Till.......Brooklyn Beach Hair Giveaway!
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