Severed Finger Tutorial #Halloweeen #DIY

Halloween is all about the "WOW" gross factor and if you are looking to do that on a budget, then I am your weirdo this frightful season! The family is dressing up as a pack of werewolves this year, and I decided disembodied parts would be a great fit for my Wolfy ambiance. This tutorial will take you step by step in helping you create your own severed-fingers for the big Full Moon event! Grab your hot glue gun and follow me:}

Items needed to make the Severed-Finger
{*}Optional items depending on severed-finger usage

Winter Gloves{Cut off all the fingers}
Hot Glue Gun and loads of hot glue sticks{seriously:}
Acrylic Paints{see step THREE}
*Matte sealant{if using fingers outside}
*Jewelry Wire {if using as drink tags}
*Hole Puncher{if using as drink tags}

Newspaper, magazine, toliet paper, tissue paper, or any paper you have available will work just fine. This step is crucial, because you are creating the shape of the finger here. Roll the paper and stuff until your finger is full. *Tip: Once the hot glue dries you cannot make any structural changes to the finger.

Start with the nail bed and cover the entire finger with hot glue. Use the tip of the hot glue gun to smooth and shape the finger. I even put indentations using the hot glue gun on the back of the finger! Shape the finger to your liking and remember you are just trying to cover the finger with hot glue to seal it. *Tip: When you seal the open end leave yourself a tag in case you want to hole punch your finger later. When hole-punching you may need a man, but as you can see I did it:}

Acrylic Paints Needed
Brown, Yellow{Primary Layer}
Black, Purple{Second Layer}
Black, Green{Third Layer}
Black, Red{Blood-esque effect}

The painting is not a science and I eluded{in my Vlog} to using light paints at the very end, but I thought the dark swirled fingers looked best.  Do your thang people:} I started by mixing brown and yellow to coat the whole finger. Let dry. I then blotched the finger with a black/purple combo. Let dry. Then I took a green/black combo and blotched the finger with that. Let dry. I took a black/red comb and brushed the severed tip.*Tip: If you do not have a sponge try using dried-out baby wipes to blotch your finger! Get messy friends! This is a severed finger after all. Let the Halloween preparation commence!


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