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It all started with a stache. A hope to succeed. A dream to be at the top of the social media world. Blogging is like an artist beginning to paint on a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless in accordance with the artist's ability and imagination. Saturday October 26th, Femworking, LLC is hosting a Small Business and Blogger Conference in our Nation's Capital. Education, inspiration, and social networking will be among the central themes.

THE Question: 
What is the biggest lesson you have learned about blogging since you began?
THE Reward:  A seat with the all-star panel: Maria Jose Ovalle of Very Busy Mamá – Life Beauty & Style, Monica Sakala of Wired Momma, and Nicole Dash of Tiny Steps Mommy.

It feels nearly impossible for me to narrow down what I have learned as a blogger to one grand lesson, but we shall try! The one thing that has been a constant teaching point for me seems to be the most contradicting: Unplug. Before you try and cloak me in a straight jacket hear me out:) Social networking is about your stats. How many Facebook followers you have, Bloglovin', Instagram, and so forth. Stop counting. Take a brief step away from that keyboard and watch your blog grow.

Unplugging will help you to remember why it is you started blogging in the first place. Live. A small hiatus can refresh the spirit. This mental rest will allow a new rush of ideas and creative energies to flow full force. Nobody inquired about my online absence this past week. I bet you did not even know I was gone, did you? Exactly, so go! My mind is clear and ready to write. My very best writing will bubble to the surface, because I took a step back to enjoy the sunshine.

*I received permission from YouOrganic to repost this fine DIY-er
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Feast your eyes lovelies! I happened upon a truly amazing natural DIY body scrub from YouOrganic!!! Christmas, birthdays, mama's day, or any day....really who needs an excuse for pampering?! Not this gal:} I am getting ready to travel and sadly have yet to try this yummy Orange & Brown Sugar Body Scrub, but as you can SEE it looks skin-time delicious!

Ingredients Needed:
Brown Sugar
White Sugar
Sweet Almond Oil
Orange Essential Oil
Step ONE: Mix 1 cup of white sugar with 1 cup of brown sugar.
Step TWO: Mix just enough sweet almond oil until it starts to look like a thick paste.
Step THREE: Add your 10 drops of Orange Essential Oil and gently stir.
Only pure essential oils. Don't use more than the recommended essential oil amount. Fragrance oils are skin irritants and are to be avoided. Don't introduce water, because it will introduce bacteria and cause your natural scrub to spoil. No need to refrigerate, but best to use within 6 months.

 *I will receive some shampoo and other gifts as compensation for this post, but I just love them.
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Man and Man's Best Friend is a timeless relationship that we will be celebrating today! We are also celebrating the rebirth of Bumble & Co.{formerly known as The Bumble Bee Studio}. Julie Diers is the ultra sweet and amazing artisan of Bumble & Co. Her all-natural herbal bath & body creations are divine!! I purchase her Lavender Body Butter several times a year for family members who are constantly telling me they NEED more! I totally understand:}

GIVEAWAY for the Man {Shave Soap Set}: This shave soap is absolutely luscious in appearance! Chocked full of hemp oil, shea butter, and bentonite clay! Mercy me, I think this shave soap could be for me;} A soft scent of patchouli, lavender, and pine essential oils. One lucky lady or gent is going to have the finest shave of their life. The studly boar-bristle brush is included!

GIVEAWAY for Man's Best Friend{Herbal Doggie Bath Bar}: Your best friend deserves all-natural Bumble & Co. too! The Herbal Doggie Bath Bar naturally cleanses and helps to repel dastardly bugs. Comprised of finely ground oats, aloe, neem oil, shea butter, tea tree oil, vitamin e, and castor oil. Gently scented with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. I have a feeling the Herbal Doggie bar is going to receive two paws up from your pup;}

*Flashback* READ IT: Bumble & Co. Facial Polish Cleanser Review. I happily reviewed her amazing Facial Polish Cleanser that you must USE to Bee-lieve:}

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Bee-lieve it my friends! One Winner will claim both of these amazing artisan bath goodies! It is a Bumble & Co. GIVEAWAY!
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My humblest apologies for the late winner announcements. Life has been very busy for me:} My eldest has started preschool, my brother is getting married, and my husband and I are traveling for our anniversary soon! Whew! Life is a fast beautiful ride! Here are the latest giveaway winners at Spunky Real Deals!!!

C. Alexandria by Hand Jewelry Giveaway WINNER Leslie R.

Everyday Natural Mama Body Balm Giveaway WINNER Gayle S.

Silver Moon Farm Soap Giveaway WINNER Maggie F.

Glory Boon Soap Giveaway WINNER Dale M.

Gramercy Eight Jewelry Giveaway WINNER Katie R.

Leesburg Animal Park {Pumpkinville Pass} WINNERS: Marsha & Miss Wright {Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun} and from the Virginia Bloggers Club {PENDING}.
The Leesburg Arts Festival {Fall 2013} happened over this weekend. I am an astute appreciator of the fine arts and if you want to make someone really nervous just walk around with your camera at an Arts Festival! HA! Seriously, I may not bring my camera next year. I did ask permission to photograph all the artists that are featured. Here is a round-up of my personal stand-out favorites:

Art Jewelry by Winnie Chai Designs
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Her jewelry has life and spirit. Beautiful-living pieces. She has been very inspired by her travels to Tibet and China. Clean, tribal, and modern statement pieces with a spirit. This seem to be the common aesthetic theme. I really adored her statement necklaces with feather-work. She did not have any in her Leesburg show-case{believe me I looked}, because I would have snatched it up. Simply Stunning{as Gordon Ramsey might say:-}

Eugene Perry Sculptures
SHOP Eugene Perry

Sleek and modern. Eugene is an abstract metal art sculptor from Philadelphia, PA. His pieces are simple, yet very eye-catching. Absolutely striking when the sunlight grazes them. I am very fond of the piece on the end. A beautiful design composition and marbleized coloring is represented throughout that piece.

SHOP Prescott Studio

Flying pigs that shimmer in the sunlight...yes please!:} I loved these playful sculptures from Prescott studio and the coolest par is they also move! The head of the pig goes up and down. They are perfect eye-catching pieces for businesses! He also has smaller sculptures that would be perfect for your back yard too! Really cool stuff.

SHOP Bob Paulding Photography
A very personal favorite of mine is Bob Paulding Photography! He has some stunning natural photography. I love the pretty in pink Macro Collection.

*Nicolux sent me her Theory necklace for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions are mine.
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A Southern belle living in the Big Apple and making it BIG as a jewelry designer! Jocelyn Negron is the owner and artist behind Nicolux. Jocelyn is a color enthusiast who believes that soft jewelry can make a real statement without all the clanking of the metal alternative! The soft material she works with is spandex! Yes, spandex. The material has the right amount of bounce, flounce, and sheen! It straight up works. Check out the spectacular Nicolux Theory Necklace runway show below!

I've got one thing to better work it b*itch;-)
Nicolux is giving one lucky Spunky Real Deals reader the chance to win either a Theory Necklace or Braided Necklace! Winner's Choice!!!  

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Who is ready for a Nicolux *snap snap* Jewelry Giveaway?
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*I was sent the Mia Peplum top for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions are mine.
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Jaleh Clothing is classic, feminine, on-trend, with a hint of glamor. I was sent and made privy to the Mia Peplum top from Jaleh Clothing. Instantly, I felt transformed into a classically-glamorous beauty queen. Peplum tops and dresses are truly the 2013 fashion rage! The Mia Peplum is so stylish and incredibly classy. Sexy and comfortable! So comfortable! You can easily wear this top all night in complete comfort! The V-neck is deep, but stays right in place. That last bit is important! No one wants to be fidgeting with their clothes all night:} Jaleh Clothing is effortless beauty.
Jaleh Clothing is overwhelmingly generous and is offering one Spunky Real Deals reader the chance to win a $75GC{shipping excluded, but they do have FREE shipping with an online purchase of $100 or more}!!! 

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My culinary skills are very limited. What is a food processor?:) Seriously,  This year I realized my creativity could span far beyond my various DIY projects and into the kitchen. This discovery has led to the creation of some unusual, simple, and very tasty dishes! My latest creation is The Pig Quesadilla: A Ham & Cheese Quesadilla. Overwhelmingly simple.

Cheddar Cheese
Deli Ham{The good stuff}
Spinach Tortillas

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees until the tortilla is slightly brown and the cheese is bubbly{about 10 minutes}. Wah-lah! Enjoy this simple and nontraditional spin on the Mexican Quesadilla:} The Pig Quesa! 

Thrifty. easy. That is how I like my food, decor, and men{I mean man;-}. I gathered all the chippy-rustic boxes that my mother-in-law has graciously given us and created some shadow box shelving! I turned them on their sides and stacked them. It doesn't get any easier than that and it turned out awesome! The top half is for me and the bottom half is for the kiddos. Check out the successfully fun experiment!

I was sent an infinity scarf courtesy of Nooworks for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions are mine.
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NOOWORKS by Nice People for Nice People. Now that is a positive motto.
Jennifer D'Angelo is the owner of Nooworks in Cali where a culmination of talented artists gather to share their screen printed artwork that Nooworks brings to life on textiles. Jennifer's dog Noo Noo is the start-up inspiration behind the ethically sourced apparel and accessories that is Nooworks.  We all thank you little Noo Noo! Let me introduce you to the artist of the Animal Party infinity scarf that I am sporting. Her name is Lady Love. No, not her real name. Her designer name:)

The Animal Party infinity scarf is made of 100% jersey knit and is extraordinarily comfortable. This is your go-to accessory for the Fall. Wrap once or twice. The print is funky, but not too busy. The color perfect. I wore this to bed the first night I received it. Indeed, I am in love. Lady Love has some edgy, yet feminine textile prints that makes her collection sing! Check out my favorite piece:

RIZZO by Lady Love

Are you ready for a Nooworks and Lady Lovin' Animal Party GIVEAWAY?!? One lucky Spunky Real Deals reader is going to win the same Animal Party infinity scarf that I am wearing!!!! Good Luck loves!

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*** jewelry is featured!:) 
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