Leesburg Arts Festival Fall 2013

The Leesburg Arts Festival {Fall 2013} happened over this weekend. I am an astute appreciator of the fine arts and if you want to make someone really nervous just walk around with your camera at an Arts Festival! HA! Seriously, I may not bring my camera next year. I did ask permission to photograph all the artists that are featured. Here is a round-up of my personal stand-out favorites:

Art Jewelry by Winnie Chai Designs
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Her jewelry has life and spirit. Beautiful-living pieces. She has been very inspired by her travels to Tibet and China. Clean, tribal, and modern statement pieces with a spirit. This seem to be the common aesthetic theme. I really adored her statement necklaces with feather-work. She did not have any in her Leesburg show-case{believe me I looked}, because I would have snatched it up. Simply Stunning{as Gordon Ramsey might say:-}

Eugene Perry Sculptures
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Sleek and modern. Eugene is an abstract metal art sculptor from Philadelphia, PA. His pieces are simple, yet very eye-catching. Absolutely striking when the sunlight grazes them. I am very fond of the piece on the end. A beautiful design composition and marbleized coloring is represented throughout that piece.

SHOP Prescott Studio

Flying pigs that shimmer in the sunlight...yes please!:} I loved these playful sculptures from Prescott studio and the coolest par is they also move! The head of the pig goes up and down. They are perfect eye-catching pieces for businesses! He also has smaller sculptures that would be perfect for your back yard too! Really cool stuff.

SHOP Bob Paulding Photography
A very personal favorite of mine is Bob Paulding Photography! He has some stunning natural photography. I love the pretty in pink Macro Collection.


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