The Biggest thing I've learned from Blogging #FemCon13

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It all started with a stache. A hope to succeed. A dream to be at the top of the social media world. Blogging is like an artist beginning to paint on a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless in accordance with the artist's ability and imagination. Saturday October 26th, Femworking, LLC is hosting a Small Business and Blogger Conference in our Nation's Capital. Education, inspiration, and social networking will be among the central themes.

THE Question: 
What is the biggest lesson you have learned about blogging since you began?
THE Reward:  A seat with the all-star panel: Maria Jose Ovalle of Very Busy Mamá – Life Beauty & Style, Monica Sakala of Wired Momma, and Nicole Dash of Tiny Steps Mommy.

It feels nearly impossible for me to narrow down what I have learned as a blogger to one grand lesson, but we shall try! The one thing that has been a constant teaching point for me seems to be the most contradicting: Unplug. Before you try and cloak me in a straight jacket hear me out:) Social networking is about your stats. How many Facebook followers you have, Bloglovin', Instagram, and so forth. Stop counting. Take a brief step away from that keyboard and watch your blog grow.

Unplugging will help you to remember why it is you started blogging in the first place. Live. A small hiatus can refresh the spirit. This mental rest will allow a new rush of ideas and creative energies to flow full force. Nobody inquired about my online absence this past week. I bet you did not even know I was gone, did you? Exactly, so go! My mind is clear and ready to write. My very best writing will bubble to the surface, because I took a step back to enjoy the sunshine.


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