YouOrganic! Orange & Brown Sugar Body Scrub {DIY}

*I received permission from YouOrganic to repost this fine DIY-er
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Feast your eyes lovelies! I happened upon a truly amazing natural DIY body scrub from YouOrganic!!! Christmas, birthdays, mama's day, or any day....really who needs an excuse for pampering?! Not this gal:} I am getting ready to travel and sadly have yet to try this yummy Orange & Brown Sugar Body Scrub, but as you can SEE it looks skin-time delicious!

Ingredients Needed:
Brown Sugar
White Sugar
Sweet Almond Oil
Orange Essential Oil
Step ONE: Mix 1 cup of white sugar with 1 cup of brown sugar.
Step TWO: Mix just enough sweet almond oil until it starts to look like a thick paste.
Step THREE: Add your 10 drops of Orange Essential Oil and gently stir.
Only pure essential oils. Don't use more than the recommended essential oil amount. Fragrance oils are skin irritants and are to be avoided. Don't introduce water, because it will introduce bacteria and cause your natural scrub to spoil. No need to refrigerate, but best to use within 6 months.


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