Wedding Day Must-Have: Mirrors

Life can get in the way of mere words. We all lead such busy lives. My brother Adam recently got married to a tremendous woman. The joy I feel in their union goes much deeper then just the two of them. My brother and I grew up in a "negative environment"{I will save this story for another time... perhaps}. To see my brother so happy means everything to me. He did it though. We control our own life's happiness - no matter what black hole you may have come from{sorry Mom}. Below are my favorite photos getting ready with the gals. Everyone should have large mirrors at their wedding. Everyone:}

Brit's Best Friend. Adore her. What a lovely person in and out.

Dear Little Bro,

You have become a true inspiration to me. My hero. You have every reason to begrudge and embrace hatred. Your positive attitude and forgiving heart is a true blessing. You have shown me the true meaning of family and what it really means to forgive. Let me just say I have not forgiven, but I am well on my way:)

There was a time in my life I thought I did not need anything or anyone. Than I met Clayton. It is incredible to think that one person can connect with your very being, but it happened to me. I can clearly see it has happened to you as well. You have found not only a true love, but a real diamond in the rough. You and Brit will be able to weather any storm together. My joy can only be expressed by simply saying: I am incredibly proud of you both. I look forward to all the beautiful memories.


Your Big Sis


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