Annie Sloan Painted Fire Place {HomeTalk Halloween Hunt}

Our local primitive shop Sweet Clover teamed up with HomeTalk on October the 5th to host a Halloween Hunt involving local bloggers and some amazing shabby chic shops to include: The Old Lucketts Store, Chartreuse & Co, On a Whim, and of course Sweet Clover.

Sweet Clover is located just across the Northern Virginia border in Frederick, MD. A quaint and relaxing property that resides on farmland. Watch the horses graze while searching for the perfect vintage treasure. Sweet Clover is my new favorite shabby chic shop AND they carry Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...sigh awesome!

So, I picked up my favorite color Napoleonic Blue. There is a goody basket{courtesy of Sweet Clover} up for grabs and chocked full of crafty-vintage goodies. All I have to do is create something I purchased from one of the four primitive shops, hence the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I have a gas fire place{currently out of commission} that I wanted to paint and use the space as extra seating for party guests! Get ready for a gasp before and after shots!

You can see in the before shots dried glue that was holding on metal sheets that were poorly impersonating marble. It was absolutely horrid. I tried every chemical on the market to get that glue off. I even tried natural adhesive removers such as peanut butter and olive oil to no avail. After teen digit failures, I decided sand paper was the way to go. I leveled the glued areas with sand paper in preparation for clean surface painting.

Phase 1: Two base coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. The more coats the better when trying to even out this bumpy surface. Phase 2: Two top coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Napoleonic Blue sealed with clear wax. The all Napoleonic Blue was a color-overload risk, but I love the results! The surrounding walls are stark white and it "pops" as the centerpiece of the room.

I covered the stark black cords with rustic cord to minimize their appearance. I also made pillows with fabric from a local fabric store called The Finch Sewing Studio. Do not be a stranger and stop by Sweet Clover, The Old Lucketts Store, Chartreuse & Co., and On a Whim. Northern Virginia has a plethora of vintage gems just waiting to be found by you! Arrivederci my friends.


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