Brown Bag Soap Co. {Champagne & Lavender Soap} GIVEAWAY

*Brown Bag Soap Co. sent me the items pictured for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions are mine.
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The Brown Bag Soap Co. is "brown bagging it" with alcohol induced 100% natural soaps. Their name is a toast to their South Georgia roots. In Southern Georgia, the custom is to place your alcohol into a brown paper bag. Hence the term "brown bagging it", cute right?:} Brown Bag Soap Company generously sent me their Champagne Bar to include a Pine Soap Deck{only $2.95} for review. Let's pop some bubbly and hop in the piping hot bath shall we?

The Champagne bar hits all the marks of a high quality natural soap. M&Ms melt in your mouth and a good natural soap should become pretty pliable in your hand. It does. The intense earthy-herbal and lavender scent hits the olfactory senses perfectly. I love nooks and crannies in my soap and there are plenty of lavender bubs peeping out of that Champagne Bar! What does a high quality soap need? A well drained wooden soap deck. Brown Bag Soap Co. has the best price I have ever seen on a wooden soap deck at $2.95. So, no excuses and save that good natural soap!

The Champagne Bar evokes such luxury that I am going to grab a glass of bubbly right now. Where is my butler, my limo, and my fine grade caviar. Oh, I forgot myself for a moment. Back to suburbia:) Who is ready for a Brown Bag Soap Giveaway?

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