Halloween Mason Jars {A DIY Textured Massacre}

Mason Jars are the perfect drinking vessel for your Halloween party guests. I am going to show you how to jazz them up a bit in my "Textured Massacre Style"! Bumpy. Goosebumpy. Something to send chills up your spine. My first batch of painted jars were completely ruined in the rain today. So, I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Mason Jars will rinse clean when soaked in some water:}

Things you will need:
*Mason Jars
*Acrylic{water-based} paints
*Sealer{gloss/matte, also water-based}
*Tea light candles and matches
*Paint brushes

Step 1.} Paint the base of your Mason Jar and allow to dry. Step 2.} Light a tea light candle. Step 3.} Hold the Mason Jar over a garbage can{or go outside in the grass} to drip wax over the base. Let dry. Step 4.} Brush your liquid sealer on the painted and waxed portions. Let dry and enjoy!

Alternatively, you may take some rustic rope and dip the ends in acrylic paints of your choice. You can drip wax over the tips or leave them be:}

Important Tidbits:
The sealer is VERY important!!! If you do not use sealer the condensation from your beverage will flake all the paint off your Mason Jar. Also, check the weather before leaving your Mason Jars outside to dry:}

Craft fearlessly my friends and Happy Halloween! 


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