Mujus "Earth-Chic" Jewelry {Giveaway}

Mujus sent me the Punta Negra necklace for the sole purpose of this review. All-opinions are mine.

A friend to the environment. An ambassador to communities at home and abroad. Mujus shouts, "Eco-chic!" to the hill tops with their trendy, popping, and Eco-friendly artisan jewelry. It is time to transform Eco-friendly from a timid mouse into a fierce tigress. Mujus is charging forth; full steam ahead with their bold, fearless, and amazingly textured artisan jewelry. Open your eyes, your mind, and do good!

The Mujus Punta Negra necklace may have the camouflaged-look and feel of ivory, but it is really the seeds of the Tagua {a South American native plant}. This bold statement necklace is as light as a feather! You will also love the soft, yet strong suede leather tie that brings this beautiful piece together.

Want to make an even bigger statement? Try the Locura statement necklace. If you want something bigger and bolder than the Locura necklace then I give up:}

Location: Chulucanas, Peru. On a Mission to bring healthcare to the local Peruvian pediatric population without immediate or affordable medical access. 

Look below the surface of Mujus and their "Earth-Friendly" jewelry. You will soon see they have a humanitarian's heart of gold. Mujus gives back to communities of Peru and charities right here in the United States.
Who is ready to save the world and your outfit with a Eco-friendly Mujus Jewelry Giveaway? 

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