Rustic Halloween Wreath and Decor {DIY}


Can you tell I am excited about the imminence of Halloween? Check the Halloween section under my DIY & HOME section, because I have been getting ready for months now! Werewolf costumes{check}, severed body parts{Check}, bats{Check}, Halloween painted sticks{Check}, and a spooky wreath{VOID, until now}. I realized I had all the supplies to make a simple, but spook-tacular Halloween wreath.

Step 1: Go on a stick hunt. Find curvy, thin, textured branches as shown in the photos.

Step 2: Paint them any colors you want! We are going with electric black and greens this year. Do not bother sealing the sticks, but I did coat the entire wreath with glow-in-the-dark paint{I am skeptical it will actually glow}.

Step 3. Grab curving sticks and start to form your wreath. Hot-glue at contact points. Be careful about hot gluing too heavily or that is all you will see when hanging your wreath. I overlapped the painted sticks in a circle about three times. No science to this: Find curved sticks and hot glue them in a circular fashion.

Step 4: Adorn with a ribbon and hot-glue your severed fingers. See my severed finger tutorial for step by step instructions.

Speaking of severed body parts, I adorned my flower pot with my homemade Zombie hand! It looks really cool, but I know those teenagers are going to race off with it{probably before Halloween}:\ My severed finger tutorial will also show you how to make the Zombie hand pictured. Duly note: You will be using a mountain of hot glue sticks for this project. Make sure you attach a stick or wire to the bottom of your Zombie hand. This will help anchor your hand into the ground.

Happy Spooky Crafting Lovas!


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