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My life is so different now in comparison to my youth. The family from my side gets together for the holidays, but never really has a conversation. Topics that are too hard to talk about are simply ignored. They sit in front of the television. Eat. Then sit in front of the television some more. Talk is at a minimum and usually surrounds generic topics such as the weather. I love them and they are family, but it is depressing. Since meeting my husband nearly 10 years ago my conception of "family" has changed dramatically.

Family is now something to look forward too. I truly enjoy walking the blustery streets of DC on an unconventional Thanksgiving Day. The light shining through the streets is spectacular and I indeed feel like the luckiest person that ever lived. We go to a French restaurant called Bistro Du Coin on Connecticut Avenue. I do not typically care for mussels or curry, but the curry mussels they serve taste of absolute perfection! The family talked, ate, drank, and when our bellies were full we walked around the Museum of Natural History. It is truly heaven.

I count my blessings for my friends and family, but I find myself with new blessing's everyday: The Blogging Community. These folks are so warm and generous with one another even though most interactions are separated by a computer screen and thousands of odd miles. Throughout the past week, I have reached out to several Baltimore area bloggers in an effort to help promote my sister-in-law's local Baltimore area giveaway. These bloggers went out of their way to help me. I am grateful to them.

I hope that you are counting your blessing's today and everyday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Special Thanks to these amazing Baltimore bloggers for their support. I cannot thank you enough. Strangers with Style, Pink and Professional, Nerd Trips, The Adventures of Z & K, Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom.
 *I was given an initial treatment by Brit Freet{licensed acupuncturist} in exchange for this review. Opinions are mine.
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I do Bikram yoga regularly and I have never achieved the same level of relaxation from an hour and a half of hot yoga as I did from 15 minutes of acupuncture ~ Me :) 

*The treatment rooms at Respite are so cozy. The Ball Jars are filled with herbs that give you an amazing sensory experience!

Acupuncture has been both a skepticism and fascination of mine for quite some time. Moths flying from my wallet has been another reason I had yet to explore the eastern medical wonder known as acupuncture. This week my sister-in-law{whom is a licensed acupuncturist} invited me down to try a spot of acupuncture at Respite, which is conveniently located in the downtown Baltimore area.

*I do look a bit scared, but I promise I am not:) The needles do not hurt a bit.

After playing cards with the Grim Reaper in bumper to bumper rush hour Baltimore traffic on my way to Respite, I was more than ready to put acupuncture to the test. Note to acupuncture newbie's: The needle that goes into the middle of your forehead feels amazing!!! You could take an entire bottle of Motrin{PLEASE do not do this...ever} and never equal the relief that one forehead needle provides. I know next to nothing about acupuncture other than after 15 minutes of needles in my extremities and forehead I felt like a new lady!

Take it from this former skeptic and open your mind to the world of acupuncture. Brit can help bring your body "back to balance" both physically and mentally. It is a "total person" experience. I am so glad I tried acupuncture and the only problem now is I am addicted. I am currently saving up my pennies for my next appointment:) Check out the Respite LIVE action YouTube video for a chat with Brit Freet your local licensed acupuncturist in the Baltimore area!

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Sometimes it is fun to sit around and decorate your cake down to the last detail......and sometimes you have two toddlers biting at your ankles trying to get at the icing bowl:) If you are down on time, but still want to decorate your cake I have a solution. All you need is food coloring{s} of your choice and the point of a utensil. I was working feverishly fast, but if precision is what you want just be precise;) Blend well and your dots will look amazing!

Polka dots are a classic, but hearts would also be adorable in February for Valentine's Day. Another plus is this technique requires little to no artistic talent, which bodes well for me as I am no Picasso. Check out my YouTube instructional below to see this technique in LIVE action! Sorry in advance for my shotty camera work and the half eaten birthday cake. It was delicious and get the picture.

Organized 31
*I was sent The Seaweed Scrub from Zoet Bathlatier in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine.
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Zoet (which sounds like zoot and rhymes with boot), is the Dutch word meaning: sweet, soft, gentle and fresh. Bathlatier™ (bath•la•tier) is a maker or seller of lux home goods, bath and body concoctions.
Zoet Bathlatier{defined above} is a creator of luxury bath, body, and home goods. Amazingly fresh, natural, yet with a creative twist that begs you to TRY ME! This is not my first love affair with Zoet Bathlatier. Read here about their delectable Rose Berry Lip Tint. If you are looking for extra stocking stuffers I would highly recommend you snatch those up! Ilka is the fine owner of Zoet Bathlatier and she sent me a new item to share with you! Behold The 100% natural Seaweed Scrub! Mmmmm....divine.

When it comes to sugar vs. salt scrubs I prefer salt. Salt is an age old beauty and medicinal ingredient for a reason. It draws out all the nasty impurities from our body and is a wonderful exfoliate too!  Zoet Bathlatier has given "natural" birth to an intoxicating Seaweed{salt-based} Scrub. The Seaweed Scrub combines a boat-load of exfoliating Pacific Salt, moisturizing butter/oils,  and a variety of essential oils that leave a lemongrass-y scent emanating from your post-bath trails. Make sure the Seaweed Scrub ends up on Santa's list. Personally, I have been realllllly good this year!;-)

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*AT&T sent me the LG Optimus G Pro smartphone for review. I have to give it back. Words are mine.
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Look up! Spunky Real Deals looks good on the AT&T LG Optimus G Pro, eh? Let me start by saying I have no experience with smart phones...zilch.

Here is the vintage Samsung I am currently using. Some snarky tweeners have actually asked me, "What's that?". Ugh...I know. On a modern note, AT&T is sporting a stunning NEW Smartphone: The LG Optimus G Pro{sounds like a transformer, right?}. It is impressive.

Not a "read-the-manual" person? Then the AT&T LG Optimus G Pro smartphone is for you. They don't call it a smart phone for nothing...It is truly intuitive. I was up and running with all my social media apps in ten minutes flat. Even Instagram was easy to find and install with the large apps button towards the bottom of the screen. The typing buttons are a nice size and bounce up to a larger size as you type. All the main settings can be pulled from the top with a swoosh of a fingertip. Turn on/off WiFi, quickly turn phone to vibrate{nice}, and numerous other convenient settings . The only thing I can remotely complain about is the screen went to sleep in a blink, but I was able to quickly adjust that setting:}

Any smartphone purchase plans this holiday season? I have to wait, but when I am ready to get a smartphone you bet I am going to check out AT&T. Great coverage, no dropped calls, and a very fast internet connection. The LG Optimus G Pro smartphone is a keeper. Trade in your vintage Samsung or if you are already "up with the times" then maybe it is time for an upgrade.

Do you live in the NoVa area? Please join me at the Fair Oaks Mall on Thursday, November 21st from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. There is so much happening for the entire family! Come eat, drink, play, finish{or start} your Christmas shopping, and get your photo taken with Santa!

A very big Thank-you to AT&T for affording me the pleasurable opportunity to work with them and a very happy holiday season to every one of you!

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. I received a $50 target gift card to compose this post. Words are my own.
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Our family holiday traditions combine traditional and new-school thinking. My husband spent part of his childhood in Germany. There his family adopted the celebration of St. Nick's Day. On the eve of December 6th you leave out your shoes for St. Nick and by dawn's early light you will find goodies brimming out of your shoes{only if you were good, of course}! I am going to share a secret with you courtesy of Santa's little helper: Target. Great prices and selection. They also happen to carry my son's favorite toys: Transformers, which they love to pieces{literally}!

Top Target Boys Gifts

Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Electronic Optimus Prime figure

Kid Trax Honda TRX700xx ATV 6V Ride On

Top Target Gals Gifts 

Barbie Dream House{yes, please!}

If I could be transformed back to my youth, I know I would want the Minnie Plane Ride-On Toy!

One last thing...maybe an iPod Nano for Mommy's shoes?:) Happy Holidays everyone! Shop happy and save money at Target. I am going to go to to buy some transformers for my little guys right now!

*I was sent a $50 Sephora Gift Card courtesy of CooperVision . All words are mine.
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Fall is a great time to be daring with your fashion choices and make necessary wardrobe updates. It is all about the booties! Yes, the booties. Now that Fall is in full swing I practically live in those bad boys. It is the perfect blustery time to embrace faux fur, booties{get some}, tailored jackets, skinny jeans, hats, layers, infinity scarfs, and leggings{any color of the rainbow will do}. My favorite fashion trend right now is the peplum!

What I'm Wearing{Booties by Polo Club, Peplum top by Jaleh Clothing, Skinny Jeans by Silver, Infinity Scarf by Nooworks, Stacking Bangles by Amy Waltz Jewelry}

The most important fashion tip: Whatever you decide to wear make sure it feels like you. Make sure to check out the video below with Katy Atlas from for more Fall Fashion Tips!

A tremendous Thank YOU to CooperVision for giving one Spunky Real Deals Reader a chance to win a $50 Sephora Gift Card!!!! YiPPEE! Are you ready for a Sephora Giveaway?!

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*I was sent a facial kit courtesy of CARU for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions are mine.
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CARU is a transparent Organic skincare company. What does transparent mean? All ingredients are in plain view of the consumer. Check out their tagline: Rooted in Honesty. We all expect that the companies we buy from be honest, but are they really? CARU spawned in 2012 after the owner Dominique Caron was fed-up with other "Organic" companies pumping not-so Eco-Friendly preservatives into their finished products. CARU uses 100% natural ingredients to include natural preservatives in their products.What's in the bag? Keep scrolling!

Dominique sent me her *NEW* Combination Skin Facial Kit. Inside is the French Green Clay Face/Body Soap, Jojoba Oil Daytime Moisturizer, and The Cucumber + Lime Facial Toner. The excitement of this toner cannot be contained! The cucumber scent is intense. It calms both the senses and your skin.

The French Green Clay Face/Body Soap is amazing! Do yourself a favor and save this mild soap strictly for your face. The bar smells faintly of lime. The French Green Clay pulls out impurities and unlike other facial soaps I've tried the moisture stays within the confines of your skin. This is a great facial cleanser to bring on travel. 

Lastly, we have the Jojoba Oil Daytime Moisturizer. Light, non-greasy, with deep penetration. If you are scared of oil moisturizers I suggest you start with this one. No scent just 100% Organic, first-pressed Jojoba Oil.

Looking for stocking stuffers? CARU has some travel packages that are perfect for Ye Olde stockings!

Who is ready for an "honest" natural beauty giveaway from CARU!?
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The big Halloween extravaganza is over, but I wanted to make sure to share the best captured moments with all of you! My love affair with Halloween has rubbed off to my eldest. My four year old is now asking, "When can we go to a haunted house":} If it would not scar him for life I probably would take him now! As it was, I had to hold myself back from flipping on AMC Fearfest during the day. This Halloween I saw a portion of The Addams Family, Tremors, and Halloween V...lame right? I will just have to wait it out a few years. My boys are showing every inclination that they also will like the "scary stuff". Feast your eyes on some of my scary Halloween Party Guests{including me}! 

Halloween TIPS & Tricks

When contemplating the bloody bathroom for Halloween keep this in mind: Dyes will stain and most of the homemade blood recipes contain sugar. I am sure roaches would have come from all over town to try the homemade blood and add a very unintended scary effect. Instead, Try mixing acrylic paints to achieve your bloody bathroom effects. NOTE: apply acrylic paints to slick surfaces only{mirrors, tile, and tub}. I scrubbed the paint off with very little effort.

Looking to achieve a blood-esque effect? Try using all-natural Lip & Cheek Tints like Mullein & Sparrow. This worked awesome! The color is rich and is a pretty convincing bloody effect. Lord only knows what they put in the dollar store Zombie Blood!

Freeze some apples. Frozen apples are the perfect accompaniment to any Fall party punch. The frozen apples keep your punch cold without watering it down.

Many Spooky Trails to you! BOO!
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