Easy Polka Dot Cake Decorating Technique {DIY}

Sometimes it is fun to sit around and decorate your cake down to the last detail......and sometimes you have two toddlers biting at your ankles trying to get at the icing bowl:) If you are down on time, but still want to decorate your cake I have a solution. All you need is food coloring{s} of your choice and the point of a utensil. I was working feverishly fast, but if precision is what you want just be precise;) Blend well and your dots will look amazing!

Polka dots are a classic, but hearts would also be adorable in February for Valentine's Day. Another plus is this technique requires little to no artistic talent, which bodes well for me as I am no Picasso. Check out my YouTube instructional below to see this technique in LIVE action! Sorry in advance for my shotty camera work and the half eaten birthday cake. It was delicious and well...you get the picture.

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