Give Thanks {Blogger Edition}

My life is so different now in comparison to my youth. The family from my side gets together for the holidays, but never really has a conversation. Topics that are too hard to talk about are simply ignored. They sit in front of the television. Eat. Then sit in front of the television some more. Talk is at a minimum and usually surrounds generic topics such as the weather. I love them and they are family, but it is depressing. Since meeting my husband nearly 10 years ago my conception of "family" has changed dramatically.

Family is now something to look forward too. I truly enjoy walking the blustery streets of DC on an unconventional Thanksgiving Day. The light shining through the streets is spectacular and I indeed feel like the luckiest person that ever lived. We go to a French restaurant called Bistro Du Coin on Connecticut Avenue. I do not typically care for mussels or curry, but the curry mussels they serve taste of absolute perfection! The family talked, ate, drank, and when our bellies were full we walked around the Museum of Natural History. It is truly heaven.

I count my blessings for my friends and family, but I find myself with new blessing's everyday: The Blogging Community. These folks are so warm and generous with one another even though most interactions are separated by a computer screen and thousands of odd miles. Throughout the past week, I have reached out to several Baltimore area bloggers in an effort to help promote my sister-in-law's local Baltimore area giveaway. These bloggers went out of their way to help me. I am grateful to them.

I hope that you are counting your blessing's today and everyday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Special Thanks to these amazing Baltimore bloggers for their support. I cannot thank you enough. Strangers with Style, Pink and Professional, Nerd Trips, The Adventures of Z & K, Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom.


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