Halloween Recap {Tips, Tricks, & Treats}

The big Halloween extravaganza is over, but I wanted to make sure to share the best captured moments with all of you! My love affair with Halloween has rubbed off to my eldest. My four year old is now asking, "When can we go to a haunted house":} If it would not scar him for life I probably would take him now! As it was, I had to hold myself back from flipping on AMC Fearfest during the day. This Halloween I saw a portion of The Addams Family, Tremors, and Halloween V...lame right? I will just have to wait it out a few years. My boys are showing every inclination that they also will like the "scary stuff". Feast your eyes on some of my scary Halloween Party Guests{including me}! 

Halloween TIPS & Tricks

When contemplating the bloody bathroom for Halloween keep this in mind: Dyes will stain and most of the homemade blood recipes contain sugar. I am sure roaches would have come from all over town to try the homemade blood and add a very unintended scary effect. Instead, Try mixing acrylic paints to achieve your bloody bathroom effects. NOTE: apply acrylic paints to slick surfaces only{mirrors, tile, and tub}. I scrubbed the paint off with very little effort.

Looking to achieve a blood-esque effect? Try using all-natural Lip & Cheek Tints like Mullein & Sparrow. This worked awesome! The color is rich and is a pretty convincing bloody effect. Lord only knows what they put in the dollar store Zombie Blood!

Freeze some apples. Frozen apples are the perfect accompaniment to any Fall party punch. The frozen apples keep your punch cold without watering it down.

Many Spooky Trails to you! BOO!
Fluster Buster


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