How to make your own Fondue Pot #DIY

My Christmas party quickly became centralized around Gruyere and Emmentaler cheeses for an Epic fondue party. Even the fondue recipe I used was unique utilizing beer instead of wine. Hosting a fondue party is easy, fun, and fairly cost effective. The most expensive part is the cheese{of course}. I thought about buying a fondue pot, but how often would I actually use it? A bottom line fondue pot is an average of $20+ dollars and after a quick Pinterest search I realized that it was possible to create your own fondue pot. Now, the reason I am creating this post is to capture both a practical and aesthetic "do-it-yourself" fondue pot idea. Let's Fondue! 

Step 1.) Find a shallow baking dish and arrange five tea light candles in a circular fashion. Then, start prepping your fondue. The epicurious blog has an amazing Beer Fondue Recipe here.

Step 2.) Find a metal baking sheet with holes. Oxygen is necessary to keep the candles lit and you want something that is tolerant to heat as well. Choose a metal baking sheet that have holes in it. I included a small wooden box to elevate my "do-it-yourself" fondue pot. Elevating the fondue station helps keep small hands away from the hot metal sheet.

Step 3.) Find a wide mouth Ball jar or two. Fill your Ball jar with your hot and bubbly fondue. Then, set your metal sheet over the tea light candles. Voila! You are ready to fondue!

Tips: Be sure to stir your fondue occasionally. The epicurious beer fondue recipe calls for a pilsner beer, but I much preferred a lager. The lager gives the fondue a richer beer flavor, which goes impeccably well with the cheese. Buy the shredded fondue cheese from Switzerland, which is already weighed out too! Also, be sure to keep a gravy ladle next to the the fondue so your guests can ladle extra on their plates.


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