I am...gigantic knits {Fashion Giveaway}

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What is the very first thing you think of when someone says, "knitwear"? The sweater grandma knit for you when your were four maybe? I am...gigantic knits is a knitwear company that is literally going to take all your preconceived notions about knitwear and toss them in the garbage. This is fashionista knitwear, glam knitwear, and hot mama knitwear. Shana is the proud Los Angeles owner who makes it known that her luxurious and gigantic knitwear is for every season. I understand what she means, because my husband and I used to live in Tuscon, AZ. During the day it could be blazing hot, but when the sun goes down you certainly need a sweater. Right now, of course, for us East Coasters it is snowing like hell.  Perfect "I am...gigantic knits" weather:}

Check out the regal purple neck cowl in action via the YouTube video above! I am...gigantic knits has more than just scarves, neck cowls, and shawls. They have a heavily coveted item of mine: a cozy gigantic knit pink blanket!! Take a peek here.

Who would like a Giant, Gigantic, Gi-normous "I am...gigantic knits" giveaway, hmmmmm?
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