MagnifiCuffs {Magnetic Jewelry Giveaway}

*I was sent three pair of MagnifiCuffs to compose this post. Words as always are mine.
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Do you know about MagnifiCuffs? They are coming out and they want the world to know about jewelry with magnetism! MagnifiCuffs are jewelry with magnets for easy attachment anywhere your heart desires. These jewels are limited only by your imagination. MagnifiCuffs bring creativity and versatility back into your jewelry box! They allow you to easily transform your outfit or decorate your clothing at the attraction of a magnet:}

MagnifiCuffs have a magnificent owner named Marcia Darlene. I in the world did she come up with such a marvelous idea? I found out Marcia wanted to get the most out of her clothing and was in search of a way to utilize her pants as capris too{a two for one type of thing}. Some needle, thread, frustration{I am adding this one}, tinkering, and the rest is magnetic history! Let me show you how I wear my MagnifiCuffs!:}

Who is ready for a Magnificent MagnifiCuffs Giveaway?

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