Rustic Christmas Cafe {DIY Ideas}

Celebrating Christmas with a rustic touch is becoming quite the specialty of mine. Refer to last year's post here. I have an 180+ year old abode. I love rustic and natural elements from the outdoors, especially when the weather gets freezy. This year I decided to use rustic cord, pipe cleaners, sticks, pine branches, and yarn as my primary decor ingredients. The outcome? A splendidly rustic Christmas ambiance. Welcome to the Rustic Christmas Cafe!

Today, I will brave Home Depot or the craft store in search of battery-powered Christmas lights. I will string those with my candy cane garland. My inspiration is an outdoor cafe at night. The candy cane garland is so easy! First, take red and white pipe cleaners and twist them together to make your candy canes. Next, buy some rustic cord and nails to tack up the lines as you please. Set the completed candy canes on your rustic lines and there you have it: Rustic Candy Cane Garland. You can be a Christmas decorating genius in no time my friends!

The next natural element is painted sticks coated with glitter. These turned out amazing. The glittered sticks are both light and eye-catching! The perfect shimmer and shine for your rustic Christmas! This is a beautiful centerpiece that requires no day to day attention, which is perfect for the bustling holiday season.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!


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