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*I received a Free Month of membership at UFC Gym in exchange for this post. They have gained a new member...me:}
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Want to burn 800 to 1,000 calories in an hour? Join the UFC Gym.

UFC Gym is formerly known as LA Boxing. UFC Gym offers a unique work-out experience to include kick-boxing, boxing, and even a mixed-martial arts class{MMA}! Always the skeptic, I thought it would be weenie-ville central. BOY...was I wrong. Most of the classes are a full hour of 100% calorie-burning intensity. I do highly recommend some thorough stretching before and after each class:} You sweat, you feel-the-burn, and it is downright challenging. You receive a full body work out from each and every class! I love the UFC Gym atmosphere. It is rocking with loud music that keeps you moving! The variety of classes keep you engaged and just like any membership-based gym they have hours to fit all schedules.

My favorite class has been the MMA{Jiu-Jitsu} based class. It is rough and tumble. I am working on the basics, but I got the satisfaction of learning the highly acclaimed arm bar and rear naked choke. The UFC Gym is fitness based, but you will still learn mixed-martial arts techniques. They have a few treadmills, lots of punching bags, a boxing ring, a nice-looking weight set, and knowledgeable instructors. Basically, everything you need to get into peak physical shape.

UFC Gym Perks

Regular and Late Hours. They were open Christmas Eve until 2 PM. Closed Christmas. Open the day after. It is typical to have a final class around 7:45 PM most days of the week. That means if you work until 5 PM you still have time to get to the UFC Gym for a nice workout.

Women are the norm. Do not think this is a "Gents Only" establishment. The women tend to outnumber the men.

Kids are welcome.  They offer children's classes ages 6 to 12.

Convenience. There are multiple UFC Gym Locations in Northern Virginia. You can use them all. This is perfect for folks that work in one location and live in another. After work, you can skip over to the UFC Gym near your place of employment and wait for that rush hour traffic to die down. On the weekends, you can use the UFC Gym closest to your humble abode. Your membership is valid at any of these Northern Virginia UFC Gym locations: Herndon, Chantilly, Fairfax, Tysons, Arlington, Alexandria, and Woodbridge.


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