Easy Homemade Herbal Dog Wash {DIY}

 Please Note: I am no expert on essential oils. Essential oils must be diluted properly prior to use.

Sedona{Our German Shepherd} has been leaving a trail scent that would knock a buzzard off a fence fifty yards out. It was definitely bath time. We were fresh out of doggie shampoo. This was a smelly emergency! Here comes natural ingredients to the rescue. I concocted an herbal wash that left my pooch smelling much much better and her coat shining beautifully. Combine three or four natural ingredients and you are ready for bath time!

With each bucket of warm water I added a few drops{10 to 20 drops} of lavender essential oil, a few drops{10 to 20} of rosemary essential oil, and a few tablespoons of olive oil. That is it. Also, if I had tea tree essential oil I would have used that as well. You may substitute the Olive Oil for coconut, grape seed, or jojoba oil. Organic oils are best, but this was a smelly emergency! The homemade wash worked really well. Her skin and coat looked very dry prior to her herbal bath. All the photos you see here are after shots. I was a little too wet to handle action shots during the bath time fiasco:}

Fluster Buster


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