FAQs Small Business Owners have about Blog Giveaways

Hire me!  I am passionate about small businesses, social media, customer service, and giveaways. You may be asking: "So, you want me to pay you and give you free stuff to review? Why?" Good question small business owner! I intend to answer that poignant question and hopefully much more with the following: FAQs Small Business Owners have about Blog Reviews and Giveaways.

FAQs Small Business Owners have about Blog Reviews and Giveaways

{YOU} Do giveaways work? Yes. How do I  know? I do not have scholarly research on the topic, but I have personal experience to draw upon. In fact, when I first started hosting reviews and giveaways I asked myself this very same question. My conclusion is "Yes, they do when run properly". There have been many times I either purchased a product seen on a blog immediately or tucked the knowledge away to purchase the item later as a gift. That is why it is truly difficult to quantify a giveaway's monetary value. That brings me to my next point.

{YOU} What makes your giveaways better than the competition? I got into blogging because I like to enter reviews and giveaways myself. I know how they operate and how to set them up for maximum benefits. Sharing works. My giveaways are based on sharing not following. More sharing = more reach. More visibiliy ={fingers crossed} more sales down the line for you.

{YOU} Who will be entering my giveaway? How do I know I am reaching my target audience? Look no further than your blogger and their stats. You know your audience as a small business and so should your blogger. If they do not....Houston, we have a problem. Your entrants are typically a mixed bag. You have the blogger's audience, giveaway trollers, new followers they gain from continual networking, and random stragglers. The main reason I make my entrants share is even if they are just there for the giveaway win they WILL share if they really want that prize! Also, Google Analytics states 63% of my readers are new traffic{as of 01/02/2014}. Good information to ask your blogger if you are looking to host a repeat giveaway with them.

{YOU} How do I know I can trust you? Well....technically you don't, but the good news is you can do some blogger background checking. For instance, Google search the blogger's name. But for pity sakes please realize the bigger the blogger gets the more hater's will ultimately be in their wake. Take the negative feedback from the Google with a grain of salt and a pinch of common sense. Also, does your blogger in question run a business? Odds are yes. I personally run a social media consulting business through my Spunky Real Deals online Etsy shop. Check their customer feedback. For instance, mine is 100% satisfied. That should tell you an awful lot about the blogger's honesty, reliability, and work ethos.

{YOU} Do you charge for your reviews and giveaways? Absolutely. I am not giving the milk away for free here. You want me to see the worth in your products and I want you to see the worth in my services. For instance, I run my giveaways over a month when most blogs run them over two weeks. I cannot even contemplate how many hours I am on the computer for one particular giveaway{about a full day's work over the course of the month}. I charge $30 to small businesses for the review post + an item to review. The giveaway item can be a particular item or gift certificate. You Ship.

{YOU} If I pay you for the review shouldn't that be enough? Why do you need a review item as well? Every blogger is different, but what credibility would I have to my readers if I gave a stellar review and never touched the item in question. Let me answer that: Zilch.

{YOU} What item should I give away? Some of the most buzz worthy giveaways are mystery bags and a simple bar of soap. The giveaway item does not necessarily need to be expensive.

{YOU} You are a giveaway blogger because you just want free stuff. My face is turning red as I type. This is not true{at least as far as I am concerned}. If all I wanted was free stuff I would just enter giveaways. It is a lot easier....trust me.

{YOU} Will I hear from you frequently during the giveaway period? Probably not. I have to be honest here. If your blogger is doing their job they are far too busy promoting your giveaway to contact you with frequent updates. If you are curious to see how things are going just shoot them an e-mail. I assure you they check it frequently and will get back to you ASAP. That being said, they should let you know your post is up and running!

{YOU} Do I have a part in promoting my own giveaway? YES. I understand you have a business to run, but spread the word on your end. You already have an established clientele and should share your giveaway with your current customer base. How nice would it be if a customer you currently have won a nice gift from you. It is called customer loyalty. Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing on Earth.

{YOU} Do you teach your small businesses how to use social media? Yes, but I run a consulting business though so I do not teach everything! I give tips and pointers on how they can work on gaining followers with minimal effort. Small business owners are busy folks. I understand:}

Whew....I am beat. Entrepreneurs I want to hear from you! What other questions do you have regarding reviews and giveaways? 


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