Frozen Indoor Activities for Toddlers #DIY

Some days as a parent you are in pure survival mode. Entertaining your children during back-to-back snow days certainly qualifies as "survival mode". When it is cold enough to freeze your pipes it is necessary to find indoor activities for the kiddos that are fun, entertaining, and interactive. This is not a walk in the park. Well, it is cold outside....let's freeze something!

The boys and I settled on their plastic dinosaurs. I took some shallow Tupperware containers and filled them with lavender water. Why lavender water? The lavender water ice chunks will be useful for cleaning the floors. I am a certified genius. Additionally, I put some marshmallows in a separate Tupperware container for my own entertainment. The boys will surely dig them out and eat them. I cannot wait to video that one!! Who says marshmallows are strictly for hot chocolate anyway?:}

My boys have been trapped indoors this week more than they normally would with the freezy temperatures. Today{after two hours of indoor activities} the family room floor looked like a realistic archaeological dig site! My husband put away some dinosaur dig kits for cold days such as today. The dig a dinosaur kits are entertaining, but very messy! Leave it to my youngest to trip over a bucket of cleaning water that left the floor looking like a pig pen.

Good Luck in the coming frosty months with those small babes and enjoy my Vine video detailing my home land disaster! Well....time to go outside in the 30 below weather kids! Who knows there could be Penguins and Polar Bears roaming the frosty streets.

Fluster Buster


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