Valentine's Day Rustic Wooden Heart Frame #DIY

Valentine's Day used to be one of my least favorite holidays, but like a disconcerting fungal infection it really starts to grow on you:} Today, I have an adorably rustic DIY project for Valentine's Day: A heart-shaped wooden picture frame. This is the perfect sentimental{yet frugal} Valentine's Day gift for both mum and grandma. The heart belongs to V-day, but it is a true silhouette for every season.

Framing our family's photos has been quite difficult. The sole reason is I cannot find the right frames. Then when I find the right frames they are so darn expensive! THEN on my hunt for the right frames I may only find a handful, one, or none at all. get the picture and the dilema{no pun intended}.

How do you make these adorable wooden frames? Grab your sticks and arrange them in any fashion you like. Get creative! Paint your sticks, glitter them, color them with crayons, or leave them natural. My heart frame is a primitive heart shape, but it's just beautiful character! Hot glue the sticks at the contact points.

Next, Take your yarn or string of choice and wrap the contact points to reinforce. Take your photo and trim if necessary. For you backing, I would use a scrap book page. That way the front and back is protected from dust and direct sunlight. You could use card stock or cardboard for the backing if necessary. Cut around your photo.

Next, lightly hot glue your photo to the backing at the ends. Hot glue the photo into the frame at the contact points while being careful of the photo itself. Check out my YouTube video below for those who prefer visual tutorials{that would be me}.

Fluster Buster


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