Coco Love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

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Your home is your creation, your labor, and your love. Enjoy it.~Heather P.

My favorite Annie Sloan Chalk paint colors have been{without a doubt} Arles, Napoleonic Blue, and Coco. I have always maintained when you are using Annie Sloan Chalk paint you must work with your piece. Play to the strengths of the piece you are working on. If you are feeling frustrated with a color or technique you are employing just STOP. Take a step back and re-evaluate. The whole process should feel Organic and natural. You should love the colors you picked from the moment the first brush stoke hits your piece. If not, why waste your time? Okay, enough soap box action...stepping down:)

The centerpiece coffee table painted completely in Arles was calling to me. Paint me. The lines of the top of the coffee table are very demarcated. Fashion was really my inspiration for painting this piece. Do you know the term color-blocking? Color-blocking is very popular with the fashion industry right now. You take contrasting very demarcated prints or colors and piece them right next to one another. It is very visually stunning and that is what I aimed to do with my coffee table. The coffee table is my central piece in the family room. I brought in the surrounding colors: Coco{the color of my wall trim} and Napoleonic Blue{The color of the surrounding kitchen cabinets and fireplace}.

For me, the results are stunning! I rubbed clear wax on the coffee table and buffed to a shine. I love it. The rest of the room is a work in progress, but I plan to paint the walls with Old White and the trim in Coco. My plan for the whole house is to hide dirt on the walls. I clean, but I also live with three boys. You can understand my strategy now I am sure:) I will keep you posted on my family room progress, because I have sooooo much more planned! Please leave your questions below! I know you have some. XO


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