Small Business owner: You CAN manage your social media

Social media can feel downright overwhelming to any small business owner. The sheer number of social media networks that one small business owner must manage, as well as understand, can make one's head spin. The natural reaction is to outsource it. Sometimes outsourcing is the right answer, but most small businesses just getting started simply do not have the monies to go this route. As a sidenote, I have a very affordable social media consulting month-to-month service here. We are going to{for lack of a better word} dumb it down. No technical flashy words, just business.

1.) Set-up. Setting up your social media accounts is the most crucial part. This is your foundation....make it count. Go through every tab and every setting. Fill out all the information about your business, profile photo, and company URL. Fill it out completely. Like Santa's list, make sure you check it twice.

2.) Set-up Part Deux. Every social media from Twitter to Instagram allows you to cross-connect one to the other. Do it. For instance, when you go to post your photos to Instagram you have the option to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Four for one. This cross-connection between the social media networks saves valuable time and energy. That being said, try to avoid linking Twitter to Facebook. Nothing will annoy your friends and family more than getting every single one of your tweets. Thank me later.

3.) When do you post? When you have something interesting to say:) You will get to the point where you are saying, "I have to Instagram this"! Practice makes perfect.

4.) Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, it is my new favorite social media. You connect with your audience through a photo and a quick attention-grabbing sentence describing your photo. Follow with some relevant #hashtags. Your followers{potential customers} have the opportunity to interact with you and you have the opportunity to gain a new customer by interacting back. Talk to people. Spend your time here. I wrote a Instagram post specifically for small business owners here.

5.) Facebook. Facebook is still a necessity, but I hate it. I find it a chore. I try to stay away from the salesman pitches and simply talk to the people. Ask people questions like, "What's for dinner"? Stay on current events or hot topics and away from your 50% off sales pitch. Be genuine.

6.) Twitter. Love Twitter! The best way to gain new followers is to have fun. Follow people who follow you. Interact by retweeting content that coincides with your niche or Brand. I very seldom create a tweet on twitter, because I have my Facebook page connected to Twitter{see #2}. I also have my Instagram account connected to Twitter and if I choose will post my photos throughout the day. Make sure your Instagram photo has a captivating comment or your will be tweeting a link and no one is clicking on that!

7.) Pinterest. Pin relevant content from your brand and others in the evening before you go to bed. Keep your boards clean with fresh content daily. Create boards surrounding your products without making it too obvious;)

8.) Communicate. Interact with relevant brands and people that are in line with your brand's culture{Psst...your customers}.

9.) Share. Do for someone and they will do for you. Share and share some more, especially if it is relevant to your brand and something your followers will find useful.

10.) Google +. Everyone checks their e-mail. Use your time wisely. While I am checking my e-mail I am also adding people to my circles. In Gmail you can hoover over a contacts name and add your contact to the appropriate circle. Share your business blog posts in Google+ and be sure to add appropriate clickable #hashtags.

You CAN do this. It is about spending your time wisely. Best of Luck!


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