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Vietto is one of my great Eco fashion loves. I am already planning out my 2014 Spring wardrobe based on their latest designs! My Vietto love affair started back in 2012 with the slouchy, Turban beanie. I wore this versatile and oh-so comfortable Eco-cotton Turban beanie until the black faded....then I lost it{spawning a total mass destruction of my bungalow to try and locate it}. It was my most coveted fashion accessory*Que the violins*:) Ahem, Let me introduce to you Minna Kaartinen. She is the incredibly talented Eco designer of Vietto located in Helsinki, Finland. Thankfully, Minna has created a lighter version of the Turban beanie. Please welcome the Turban headband.

{Tea Dress by Whisky Dog Wares, Bangles by Amy Waltz Jewelry, Turban Headband by Vietto}

The Turban headband is made of Finnish black merino wool fabric. "Wool" is slightly misleading. It is far from the itchy wool fabric we come to think of here in the US. The fabric is very soft, stretchy, and tremendously comfortable. The leather accent in the front is courtesy of existing leather materials{upcycled leather}. The Turban headband is mending my broken heart from the loss of its cousin. The Turban headband is very versatile and perfect for the cooler temps. The leather accent gives the headband an edgy feel. The intro Vietto model rocks the Turban headband perfectly in all black. I tend to think women who wear all black lead tremendously exciting lives.

Turban headband aside, Vietto has a 2014 line-up that will leave you squealing with delight! I am absolutely longing for the black Eco cotton full skirt and you could never go wrong with Vietto's classic Triangle Fringe scarf. The scarf is hand knitted using tricot yarn. Tricot yarn is left over materials from the textile industry and therefore 100% Eco friendly. Good luck trying to narrow down your favorite Vietto designs.

A BIG Bear-HUG Thank You!!!!
Thank you to Blaire Elizabeth of Second Ave Photography in Northern Virginia for the amazing photography. Please visit her page on Facebook and give her a well deserved thumbs up for her amazing work:)

Vietto how do I love thee let me count the ways 3, 2, 1.....GIVEAWAY! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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