Whiskey Dog Wares {Eco Fashion MAJOR Giveaway}

*Emily sent me her lovely Tea Dress in exchange for this post. All words are mine.
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Whiskey Dog Wares sounds like your rowdy, local hang out spot. Close, but no cigar. Whiskey Dog Wares is an eclectic Eco Fashion clothing boutique run by designer Emily Miller. Emily is like the best friend you wish you had;-) She is pure awesomeness! Speaking of awesomeness, Whiskey Dog Wares is your Eco fashion refueling station for the upcoming Spring and Summer months. Watch out warm weather, Whiskey Dog Wares is bringing the heat{solar powered, of course}.

Emily generously sent me her gorgeous Tea Dress to review for all of you. Occasionally, I am at a real loss of words. The Whisky Dog Wares Tea Dress is that freakin' good. First, it fits like a glove. No need for a bra, but you can wear one if you want without it showing in the back. Second, the dress is so full. I really feel like Cinderella without all the fru fru colors. Third, the modal cotton used to create this dress is unbelievably comfortable. No bra needed, sexy, and comfortable? This hits all the YES marks for me. I have already spied with my little eye on another Whiskey Dog Wares piece that I am just MEOWING for:)

I can already see myself wearing these kitty cat printed bottoms! They are in the high waist style and very flattering to that tummy. After two children, my 20-year old belly is officially gone...so high waist it is:) I am hard pressed to say when I have seen a cuter piece of clothing. These cat printed bottoms can be ordered as shorts or swim bottoms! Good luck choosing just one Whiskey Dog Wares piece you love, because one of you lucky cats is going to win a single piece of your choice! That's right! Any one piece of your choosing....EEEEgads, that is insane right?

A BIG Bear-HUG Thank You!!!!
Thank you to Blaire Elizabeth of Second Ave Photography in Northern Virginia for the amazing photography. Please visit her page on Facebook and give her a well deserved thumbs up for her amazing work:)

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