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Woodroze Wooden Sunglasses Giveaway 4/14;US by Spunky Real Deals
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Sustainable sunglasses made of wood and handcrafted by man. Welcome to the world of Woodroze's Wooden Handcrafted Sunglasses! I fell in love with Woodroze about two years ago when I received a pair of their original Dozers in black. Woodroze was in their infancy then. Now they are taking the Eco world by storm making the most beautiful, versatile, sustainable, and revolutionary wooden sunglasses on the planet! One of you lucky boys or girls will be winning a pair of their soft wood sunglasses made from soft pine and cotton: The Roost'R with a turquoise frame and mirrored gold lenses!
Woodroze Wooden Sunglasses Giveaway 4/14;US by Spunky Real Deals
What am I wearing? The Ostrich Skate made with recycled Canadian maple! These babies are floatable and 100% water resistant! I know I am shown strolling down the block, but I would really like to be jet skiing. This is my second pair of Woodroze sunglasses and they are extremely durable! I have sat on them, stepped on them, and my toddlers have done even worse with them. My first pair is still completely intact and more importantly I wear them daily.

Woodroze Wooden Sunglasses Giveaway 4/14;US by Spunky Real Deals
Woodroze Wooden Sunglasses Giveaway 4/14;US by Spunky Real Deals
Woodroze Wooden Sunglasses Giveaway 4/14;US by Spunky Real Deals
Woodroze is a sustainable class act! For every tree harvested they plant another and a portion of their sales go to save the precious Eco system of Florida's reefs. If you are a sand and surf lover then you must have Woodroze sunglasses. The hardwood varieties are buoyant! Yep, no worries about your shades sinking into oblivion, but do catch them before they float away:)

WIN THESE Woodroze Roost'R Sunglasses!!!

Get stoked! Watch the Roost'R video below on the features of these recycled soft wood polymer frames. One lucky winner will win the Roost'R in Turquoise with the gold mirrored lenses{pictured above}! I am jealous already:) Good Luck my Eco dudes and dudettes!

How to achieve Pinterest Stardom
With the click of a "Pin it" button you too can gain Pinterest Stardom.

Pinterest is social media powerhouse. It rarely gets the proper respect and credit it deserves. The pins that you and others pin from your site is a traffic trail that leads directly to you! Respect it. Pinterest allows you to capture your work in a single powerful visual image. Choose that image wisely. You have just a second to capture someones attention before they continue scrolling down the screen. Are you getting pinned? Are people following you daily? Are you sharing the work of others? You should have answered yes to all the previous questions. If not, then continue reading. You too can achieve Pinterest Stardom!

ONE. IF you are promoting something get it to the top of your Pinterest boards. Your blog board or business board should be at the tippy top. Give your top priorities the best real estate.

TWO. Profile Fun. This is no time for a prison photo profile pic. Show your followers a genuine candid pose. Include your business URL and a fun sentence about you. Having an inviting profile invites people to come visit you.

THREE. Verify your URL.  Go to your settings and follow the steps to verify your URL. What are the advantages of having your URL verified? Having your site verified gives you credibility and makes you look professional. Go the extra mile and search every nook and cranny in your settings. You might be missing something.

FOUR. Clean house every six months. Go through your boards and delete most of your pins that did not get pinned. Spring is the perfect time for Pinterest board Spring cleaning. Freshen those boards up!

FIVE. Group Boards. Join a handful of group boards that coincide with your brand. It gives you extra pull from already well established Pinterest users. IT means you have a higher chance of being seen, gaining more followers, and starting a viral pin.

SIX. Photography. Crisp, bold, natural lighting photography is a must. Photos with visual word descriptions get pinned more. Watermark your photography to include your website or logo.

SEVEN. #Hashtags. Here they come again. Use them when you pin. They are clickable. It is another way to be found, so why not?

SEVEN. SHARE the LOVE=============SHARE. Share the work of others. It helps keep your boards fresh and you can feel good knowing you are helping others increase their visibility too.

Pinterest is one the most enjoyable social medias out there. Have fun, gain followers, and get pinning! Thanks for stopping by!

Rustic & Bright Home Decor: Painted Rocks
It snowed about 6 inches last night. Spring has not sprung, but a gal can dream can't she? When Spring officially arrives I will be embracing a vibrant color palette! Pastels are totally dead for me this year. Vibrant colors are in! I just cannot get away from the natural stick decor. The boys love painting them and I am picking them up from my yard anyway so I might as well paint them! My house is very shabby chic and I love bringing natural elements into the home.

The boys and I gathered a variety of textured sticks to paint. I then bundled them with a bow. So easy and fun. Thrifty to boot! Place the bundle on your front door, over a door frame, on your fireplace mantel, or simply arrange in a beautiful vase. It is all about bright colors and variety. Scroll through the fun below!!

Rustic & Bright Spring Decor Ideas
Rustic & Bright Spring Decor Ideas
Rustic & Bright Spring Decor Ideas
Rustic & Bright Spring Decor Ideas
Rustic & Bright Spring Decor Ideas
Bright & Rustic Spring Decor: Wreath
Bright & Rustic Spring Decor: Painted Sticks
Bright & Rustic Spring Decor: Painted Sticks

I hope these photos gives you some Spring decor inspiration even if you are still standing in a foot of snow! Happy Crafting my friends, XO!

Are you ready to Spring Into Cash? Then welcome to the Spring into Cash Sweepstakes! Spring means the birds in the neighborhood are waking me up before the children and I've lost an hour of sleep{but I'm not bitter}! Do not get me wrong, I will be downright grateful to see that first tulip. This winter was a nightmare for the ages. Bring on those beautiful tulips! Enough chatter, check out the lovely sponsors below and enter to win those Visa gift cards. Two lucky winners will each receive a $250 Visa Gift Card!! Good Luck my loves!!

Giveaway ends April 10th at 11:59pm, open worldwide, ages 18+. Only one entrant per household. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Winners outside of the US will receive $250 via Paypal instead of the Visa Card by mail. Complete each task on the giveaway form below to earn entries.

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Disclaimer: The participating bloggers were not compensated for this post. We are not associated with any of the companies named above. No purchase is necessary to enter. One entrant per household. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. Confirmed Winner(s) (by will be contacted by email. Winner(s) have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. The sponsor(s) will be responsible for product shipment to winner(s) of this sweepstakes. My blog is not responsible for product shipment/delivery. This event is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Contact if you have any additional questions or comments.

Twitter used to be as mysterious to me as the elusive Big slippery as the Loch Ness well, you get the picture. What changed? My husband had a seminar about social media at work. Their main point of focus: Twitter. He said the main way to build your network was to follow people with large 10,000+ followings. I think I guffawed at him...yeah right{I thought}. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, however, I started following folks with a large follow base. Very slowly, I saw a trickle of followers and now I am getting followers daily. Maintaining and building followers on Twitter is about constantly cleaning house. Of all the social media networks, Twitter really is the most straight forward. Get ready you are about to have an "A-ha" moment.

1.} Follow people until you hit your base MAX of 2,001. Pay attention when people follow you and follow them{unless they are really creepy}. If you follow people they will typically not unfollow you, unless they are simply not paying attention.

 2.} Unfollow people. Unfollow people you say? Stick with me here. Once you hit your follow MAX go through you list of followers to see who does not follow you. Unfollow up to 10 people who do not follow you.

3.} Recycle. Go back to 1 and then 2 and then back to 1. Again, restart this cycle once you are unable to follow anymore people. Clear as mud?

General-alities{I make words up}

Profile. Please understand you must fill everything out. Include a general location, a URL to find you, and some #hashtags to describe what you are all about. See my profile here. Make your Twitter home beautiful. Pay $20 for someone to create a Twitter atmosphere that fits your brand.

Twitter is FUN! Every major social event, TV series, sporting event, and marketing campaign now has a #hashtag associated with it. Join in on the fun! Talk about the best outfits from the #Oscars or the latest fumble from the #superbowl. Get involved.

Retweet. If someone retweets your tweet reply to thank them. If it is something you are pushing{like a giveaway} re-tweet it yourself if you have not done so in awhile. Also, tweet or retweet other content you find interesting. You will make many friends.

#hashtags. You cannot escape these babies. Add 4 to 5 relevant #hashtags and 1 to 2 silly ones at the end of your tweet.

Use Facebook to post to Twitter. Saves time and energy. Add 4 to 5 relevant #hashtags and 1 to 2 silly ones at the end of your post. Go into your setting and connect Facebook to Twitter. If you cannot figure it out use Google. That's what I did!

Tag People. Are you talking about Brad Pitt? Tag him! Tag a brand{@_}. Start a conversation. This is what Twitter is all about.

Automatic postings. HootSuite and the like I am not a fan. No one wants to talk to a robot. You are better off not tweeting. That's all I have to say.

A Twitter Story

One of my favorite people to harass is Joe Rogan{@joerogan}. For those of you who do not know him he is a UFC commentator. He knows his stuff, but he also says some really silly stuff too. Here is an example of a real time interaction. I cannot find the actual tweet as it was awhile ago, but I commented on a ludicrous statement Joe Rogan made during a LIVE UFC event. He commented back within 5 minutes with a comment related to my own. It is impossible to say whether it was related directly to me, but there is no doubt he saw it. I need to find it;)

Do you have comments or questions?! Leave them below. I also have a NEW boot camp social media package. Very cheap. You like. You can find it here.

SHOP Annie Sloan + SHOP van Gogh

I know what you are thinking. Did I read that title right? You absolutely did. I am breaking all the chalk paint rules and delving into uncharted waters. I used Annie Sloan and van Gogh chalk paint together on the same gorgeous dresser. Not only can you do this, but the results are stunningly beautiful. My mother-in-law found my husband and I an incredible dresser for our bedroom. It has beautiful architecture and incredible ornate detailing! There's only one problem...

The dresser was covered with a sickly butter yellow color. I would have preferred puke green over butter yellow. Color is never too big a problem, however, because you can always change the color! If the bones are good just paint it! My favorite color is Annie Sloan's Napoleonic blue. So...Napoleonic blue it is. Let's paint it!

Napoleonic blue coats many areas of my home. The color was presumably a favorite of Napoleon Bonaparte himself. My fireplace, kitchen cabinets, and now this dresser is painted in Napoleonic blue. I knew right away the Napoleonic blue would feel too dark, but I picked up my paint brush and went with it anyway. I worried even after distressing that the details would not pop as much as I wanted. What could I do!!? Repaint it?? I had another lighter and bright blue on hand that I just purchased from van Gogh called Confidence. Could I? Should I? Oh, I did. You will see that the transformation is incredible!

The colors co-mingle effortlessly together. It reminds me of the ocean and it gives the piece much needed dimension. I am going to finish the dresser with the all-natural clear van Gogh wax. I am still contemplating adding a little Annie Sloan dark wax, but I am worried I will end up losing the dimension I have gained. Anyway, it looks perfectly gorgeous in its current state. I must stop myself from destroying it. If you are interested in examining the differences between Annie Sloan and van Gogh chalk paint visit my post here to find out more!

Happy Refreshing XO!

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